Big Bang wins their first Mutizen for Love Song on Inkigayo (110417)

Love Song, Win and Encore

So the set reminded me of an… ice castle? Far cry from the desert, so maybe they were going from scorched wasteland to something frigid? Dunno where this thought of mine is going.  But they definitely delivered an impressive performance and I can truly say that I think BB is back!

So does anyone else think Taeyang has been singing differently recently? Like lower, perhaps? I’m hoping that it means he’s using his lower register again (and it’s not just a cold) because he sounds fantastic.

Tip: For those who can’t watch the file as embedded here, try clicking the youtube icon on the video to watch it directly on Youtube.

12 thoughts on “Big Bang wins their first Mutizen for Love Song on Inkigayo (110417)”

  1. yes,BigBang is back most definitely incredible lol
    i love their love song/stupid liar performances.
    i thought the tonight promotion was kinda half they were slacking off,imo.

    youngbae took my breath away.looking so damn good in white suit and his performance here was great although the cameraman at mucore did well when he caught the last part when YB was spinning in the end.

  2. Yup, i thought he’s been singing differently lately. Lower register and there is less stress on his voice and he sounds comfortable singing and performing. He’s been looking at ease in performances lately.

  3. Yup, BIG BANG IS BACK!!!! Woot woot woot~~~!

    They sounded AMAZING in this performance, I’m really loving the groove they are having in this performance. Lots of feeling, passion, and endless energy.

    As for YB’s voice, yes. I also realised that his voice seems less strained in his performances now. Makes me feel better about his condition as a fanmom 😛

  4. The guys are looking beautiful in white. Love it! I thought set was more of a cathedral than castle.

    SeungRi dancing during the encore was endearing and even though YB’s supposedly sick for the past few days, he still sounded pretty good overall. 🙂

    Congratulations on the win!

  5. Omo why is YB being such a shy cutie hiding behind the members? ^__^ ah I have such fan-girl moments when he’s being so cute.

    and does he really have a cold? I thought I spotted something different about his voice from that clip where he was “hitting” GD for taking sneaky shots of them.

  6. i love everything about the performance and stage! the whiteness and their contrast, everything!

    taeyang is singing lower, thank goodness, it sounds better live. i hate it when he strains to sing high while dancing, etc. so im glad that he is singing different, variety is great 🙂 so please taeyang you can switch back and forth on your singing, youre doing great!

    i love him, when they won. he looks so happy and his cute smile 🙂

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