Olleh Market “Taeyang TV” Full Cut [Subbed]

Olleh Market partnered up with YG to give out Big Bang TV as well as individual member’s TV for a certain price, the episode will later be aired by Mnet.

Having watched all of Big Bang TV I have to say that maybe the boys should stop with their ridiculous tardiness bets seeing how they are usually late, but I guess they have the cash to burn (and boys will be boys). Watching all the behind the scenes on how the album and the Big Show came to be made me appreciate it a lot more. Big Bang worked so hard and wanted to give so much to their fans that it made the album that much more special. My favorite part has to be the cute conversation between Taeyang and G-Dragon in the studio and the filming in the US part.

cr: Credits: Translations by Sara @ bigbangupdates and fuckyeahbigbangstuff.tumblr.com + Video from mimiau4 @ youtube


3 thoughts on “Olleh Market “Taeyang TV” Full Cut [Subbed]”

  1. haha YB dancing in the middle of the street. Naughty, YB ;). I bet people where like WTF is this Asian guy with a mohawk doing in the street dancing. Am I the only person who wanted to see more clips of him interacting with Chloe Wang?

  2. I loved the Olleh cuts b/c they showed how much effort the boys put into the Big Show. The boys definitely deserve all the credit they get, and more, for their involvement in their music.

    It’s great to see how much YB and crew love their fans, warning them to stay back, not so that BB will stay safe, but so that the fans won’t get hurt.

    And best of all, GDYB <3!!!! 😀

  3. I loved the BB TV and the individual member’s solo shots as well.

    It really goes to show all the effort the boys put into the concert and the album itself. 😛

    I actually loved the tardy bet thing, it seemed so childish but they’re boys hahahaha. It was funny in a good way, lol.

    GDYB in the recording studio was cute ❤

    YB dancing in the middle of the street was major LOL and VERY HIM XDDD

    I also loved how they were so concerned for the fans in their new BB concert style, BB FTW!!!

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