Big Bang on Mcountdown (110414)

Fresh from their MV launch earlier in the day, Big Bang had their comeback performance for the 4.5 EP on MCD today for both new tracks.

Love Song

Stupid Liar below the cut.

I’m going to give this particular round to Stupid Liar.  I thought that they sounded better overall and delivered a more polished performance that nailed the energetic  spirit of the song. (And I loved YB’s bridge and series of adlibs at the end.)  Love Song sounded a bit like they were working too hard for the vocals. I have a feeling that Love Song is the more popular song with most readers, so what do you think?

Thanks to CrazyCarrotExtra and TungNhok02 for the uploads!

9 thoughts on “Big Bang on Mcountdown (110414)”

  1. Stupid liar was fun to watch this time round, much much better overall especially gained more points with me for That bridge with his vocals. Love song, I guess the expectations are higher, seungri sounded good. And comparing this to the inkigayo ones, I thought YB sang much much better today. Really I find myself looking forward to his parts the most always. Lol well naturally so cause he’s my bias.

  2. Definitely agree that Stupid Liar was a lot better this time round. =)

    Love Song was a bit off for me, since there’s not much dancing involved, I am hoping to see them improve as the weeks go by, the boys always do 🙂

    I have to say i really love YB’s parts in Love Song though, always love it when he sings. You can also see the improvements from Seungri a lot better here than in their Tonight album.

  3. I liked both performances. Love Song was good although the boys’ voices definitey seemed strained, like they were oversinging the song a little.

    Stupid Liar definitely took it home tonight. The energy was just fantastic. They were definitely embracing their inner rockstars. I like this song because BB seem to have so much fun with it onstage. YB sounded good, so that’s an extra plus.

    Overall, great performances but I know they can do better, especially after they’ve gotten used to performing the songs and choreo.

  4. i love the Love Song song but the performance for Stupid Liar was really good. its making me like that song now.

    taeyang sound soooooo gooood in both the songs. 🙂

  5. I’ve gotta say… they looked and sounded amazing tonight. I LOVED IT. Got what I wanted, xD. Taeyang nailed his part like nothin… I bet he was ecstatic after that. AOIJWEFKLJAKDL WOW HAHA!

    Call me biased but Bigbang looks very ordinary korean boyband without Taeyang in the shot, lol.

    Stupid Liar almost felt like a different song tonight in a good way. You know how you ‘feel good’ after listening to a song? That’s how I felt, that’s awesome. I’m not sure what it is though, gonna watch it again.

  6. i keep playing these songs
    only BB can make me want to hear korean music all the time – to me, there no bands can be compared with them.
    now i really hate seeing the appearances of many very boring new groups , dont think they can survive after 1 year

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