Big Bang’s Love Song MV

Big Bang dares to be different in the Love Song MV.


After getting over the initial surprise at the MV’s treatment, I’m loving the subtle wit of the concept and the understated execution.
I think it really fits in well with the song meaning and it’s a refreshing change from flashing lights and the usual type of storytelling.  I’m thinking that this is an MV that will get better with repeated viewings, but perhaps it’s not quite an attention getter on first go.  It’s a risk for Big Bang to go with this sort of concept, but I certainly love their out of the box thinking and I hope that it pays off for them.  What do you guys think?

15 thoughts on “Big Bang’s Love Song MV”

  1. is ok still good i lol at Taeyang when he singing I hate this love song he really mean it he really hate this love song.

  2. I love it. The song took a couple of listens before I fell in love with it but the MV got me hooked right away. This is really a case of perfection in its simplicity. Some people say it’s a little too simple but that’s where I think YG/BB succeeded. No flashing lights or over dramatic dance sequences. YG/BB let the song and the voices of the boys speak for themselves.

    Black and white really suits them. They look good and sound great. Music video is a success in my book.

  3. (To those having problems viewing the video, you can likely view it directly on YT by clicking the youtube icon in the bottom right corner of the video box.)

  4. This was not the direction I expected the mv to take…not saying it was a bad or good thing…just unexpected and different . Nonetheless, I kinda like the simplicity in the mv.
    I really love the camera work and black and white appeal. It really gives it a artistic appeal to it.

    1. On my first watch, I was basically a foot away from my monitor, lol. WOW, I think this is really good.

      Didn’t they spend a TON making this? There are so many things going on in this video, I mean a LOT.

  5. This MV was a total surprise and different, really different, from what I expected.

    In a good way. I love the simplicity and camera work of the MV. 😛

    The boys look great in suits, and the black and white really fits.

    Not to mention I already fell in love with the song before the MV. This just made me LURVVV the song moah!!!

  6. Surprising but I love it. I love how it is different and original. I love the creativity behind everything as well. The one shot? Awesome(unless it is not in one shot but whatever). But most of all I love how ‘simple’ it looks but still gives that high quality feel to it. I think this is my favorite Big Bang music video to date. I don’t really replay their MVs but for this one I will. BB has definitely move one level ahead of others again.

  7. I was awake and online at around 7AM KST waiting for this video to drop. Thank God YG was on time with this!

    Overall, I really liked this video and kept playing it over and over again. The boys look gorgeous in suits. I really like black and white, and the scene for the MV was understated with the lack of color but I really appreciated the details. YB’s facial expressions was a win for me here, i felt how much he really hated this love song because of the pain and anguish he’s feeling. Yay for angsty YB. I thought their dancing was a little out of place and not quite in sync but it’s not a big deal. I still liked how the boys delivered.

  8. yeah, i love this MV more than Tonight.
    although the best MVs of BB are Tell me goodbye and Beautiful Hangover , i think.
    i like this concept. it seems a perfect fit for the boys and the song.

  9. i think the mv is nice, i just didn’t like the dance that mubh, they’re not that synchronized. i know that the dancing should not look too clean to better fit the vid, but it would look better if they unified the moves just a bit. well, that’s what i think. haha.

  10. Well,i think that this music video is great and the song itself is good. But one thing I saw when watching this video for the first time was the dance. It was not really that synchronised and some just danced off beat. I was wondering why they would put this video up. Honestly,i think they should have a better dance which is more together,and I think this way,it will attract more fans.

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