Taeyang (and Big Bang) In Times Magazine Volume 02



This is part of the Official VIP Japana Fanclub Newsletter. Along with photos of the members, there was also a small Q&A session. Here are Taeyang’s answers with rough English translation, thankfully he answered all the questions in English.

1. What do you do if you want a diversion?   DRIVE & SLEEP

2. Actually, I’m not good at this.   LOVE

3. In addition to being an artist, what job do you want to have?   DADDY

4. Please let us know your habit.   turn around the ring.

5. Favorite thing about yourself? (Appearance, personality, behavior, etc.)   FOREVER HAIR STYLE

6. Looking at this year and next year, what are your aspirations?   Let’s do IT Again .. I can do it better ..

cr: 작성일시 @ YBMANIA for Korean translations




Cr: Big Bang Updates for photos


Aww, he keeps mentioning how being a great dad is important to him. If he keeps hanging out with Jinusean’s Sean I have no doubt that he’ll be a great father. And it looks like he’s very devoted to his hairstyle. Personally, I’m hoping for a change with Big Bang’s comeback but base on that answer it looks like it wont happen. Oh well, I do like the mohawk.

To see all the scans, you can visit here.

21 thoughts on “Taeyang (and Big Bang) In Times Magazine Volume 02”

  1. I have no doubt in mind that YB will be a great daddy. 🙂 Just the thought of seeing him playing with his children just brings a big ole chessy grin on my face.
    I actually think given the opportunity YB will be good when it comes to love.

  2. I agree with alwayscindy, I think YB has great daddy potential, just seeing him play with Sean’s kids is evidence enough, he loves them. 😀

    I love the mohawk so I’m glad he won’t change it anytime soon… Turning the ring on his finger really is a habit of his, when he thinks…XD

    I’d really like to see YB in a relationship, it’ll be such an experience for him, and it’ll be interesting too, to see how he will portray it in music. 😛

  3. Hahahahaa. “Forever hair”. dying.
    I love that he loves his hairstyle.
    Oh, YB and his love issues. Boy, stop worrying about it so much! It’ll happen one day, no need to fall in love so soon. Have fun, go out, meet girls, and sooner rather than later, one of them are bound to catch your attention.

  4. omg such a cute interview!
    when he metioned about being a dad i just smiled non stop lol. He’ll be worthy of the title, Hottest Dad Ever. ;D
    and him turning the ring haha :). he does that on Realsound a lot :D.
    and his hair…ahh, one of his cutest charms! :).
    I can’t wait till he gets a gf, it’ll be so cute! though i’ll be a tiny bit jealous on the inside (oh the fangirl in me lol), I’m still dying to see him with a girl :D.

    i can’t wait till BB comes back. i miss hearing news about taeyang a lot :/.

  5. Is it too stalkerish to say that I anticipated all of his answers? Hahaha….sometimes I think I know YB better than I know himself!

    YB has no worries; we all know that he’ll make a fantastic dad. All he needs is a wife *cough* me *cough* to make those babies with! 😀

  6. i think taeyang’s current hairstyle is the most awesomest ever! YAY for not intending to change 😀 relieved… hehe ROCK ON TAEYANG!

  7. haha I love how is answers are so clearly few-worded, you can tell he’s an English noob,obviously 😉 and yeah toozdae me too! I love the mohawk but I’ve been hoping for a change but looks like “forever hairstyle” will be forever for a while,so to speak,lol

    and I love that last answer,assuming that “IT” and “doing it better” refers to his music (lol)

  8. Hmm… I guess this means him and Yuri didn’t work out? I’m also hoping he finds someone special, he seems to have so much love to give. Yes the hairstyle stays!!!

  9. Sweet YB! But “being a dad” is highly a job!!!

    And I love his forever mohawk hairstyle! It’s already his trademark and I really can’t imagine any other hairstyle that fits better:)

  10. I think it’s hard for him to do an other hairstyle. I had the same and now I want a longer hairstyle but now my hair looks weird because the middle is long and the rest is shorter (front is shorter too >.<). And I didn't want to shave everything off because it would take longer to grow 😛 YB Fighting! Btw I liked the old skool hairstyle too, the cornrows. I miss the old Big Bang, GD's and TOP's hairstyle are out of control xD But I don't mind cause life is short 😛

  11. I just wanted to say that the type of ring he wears are called “spinner rings” or “anxiety rings” purposely made to twirl for fidgety people. My sister wants one so bad because she has the habit of twirling pens… :p and let me say, “DADDY” melted my artic frozen heart. Youngbae, what you do to me!

  12. wow, he wants to become a great daddy. i image one day when i go home, and a little kid with mohawk hair style (just like his…father ^^) run to me and say: anyonghaseo umma. oh my sweet dream. and he like his hairstyle forever wow

  13. 5. Favorite thing about yourself? (Appearance, personality, behavior, etc.) FOREVER HAIR STYLE
    me rn:*head desk*

  14. aww.oppa^_^
    fvorite habit:turn around the ring!!woot!!
    and im sure bae would be GREAT DAD:))lucky wife huh??:))i wish to be one:)LOL.^_^

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