[Feature] Awww-some – Kids love Taeyang too!

We’ve always said that Taeyang’s fans tend to skew older than the normal kpop idol market demographic, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have fans of all ages.

More covers under the cut~!

Take a look at this batch of cuteness – certainly enough to warm a YB fan’s heart and brighten up anyone’s day.

The next video- which never, ever gets old- has nothing to do with the little fanboys and fangirl above by the way. But I’d like to think it’s a typical fangirl situation, no? Or at least one every fangirl wishes for.

Thank you to SexyChinksterr, rororecords, PassionFight, msmandychy, cutexichum and leroyvang24 for the uploads and to Dilani for hunting them up. And a huge amount of applause for the little stars of these videos. (Don’t ever let your 16 year old future self get embarrassed by your young fandom -it’s merely a sign of your early good taste.)

13 thoughts on “[Feature] Awww-some – Kids love Taeyang too!”

  1. Yup….YB is the ultimate boy wonder. Loved by people old and young! He really truly is something amazing!!!

    Now I have to hunt for the video of my 4-yr old niece and 2-yr old nephew dancing to “I’ll Be There”. I’ve turned my niece and nephew into YB converts just like their beloved aunt! 😀

  2. YB has fans from all of the age range – kids to teens to noonas+hyungs.. haha.. glad that people are more into him now (don’t know for what reasons – music perhaps).. 🙂

    i’ve turned both of my 2-yr old nephews & 8-yr old niece into YB fanboys+fangirl too!! gosh!! i’m such a bad auntie!! haha.. i should be teaching them educational stuffs & not this!! hehe.. tsk tsk tsk.. BAD AUNTIE!! :p

    if i ever filmed my nephews & niece dancing or singing to YB’s songs; i’ll put it up to let u guys take a look.. haha.. 🙂

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