Our Unlikely Party Animal

In what is probably a rare night out clubbing for our boy, Taeyang recently spent some time partying to support his Big Bang bros G-Dragon and T.O.P. on the set of the High High MV.

More photos and his MV cameo under the cut.
(Update : Awesome BTS/fancam in the comments section. Thanks min!)

From one fan account :

Taeyang was just chilling in the back. He was having a good time, but he wasn’t dancing or drinking. However, he was being very obliging to people when they asked to take pictures with him. I got the impression that he really is a good boy who doesn’t get too wild and is very kind to his fans!
Brief fancam from the party here. The full fan account at bigbangupdates.  Thanks to Seoulcialite for the photos.
Sigh. So he’s still working even when partying.  He gives a whole new meaning to the words “work ethic.”  Meanwhile can you spot him in the High High MV?
Here’s a hint (GIF from Twitter):

33 thoughts on “Our Unlikely Party Animal”

  1. Ahhh YB has his ninja oufit on again!

    Yeah…I’ve read other fan accounts that basically say the same thing. YB was the most reserved out of all the BB members. He was the nicest and most polite, always signing autographs with no problem.

    The club scene is definitely not for YB but it was the most adorkable thing ever! He was like a little energizer bunny. So freaking cute!!!

    YB….can you be any more perfect?

    1. Yep. The fanaccounts are pretty consistent – he’s apparently really sweet, handsome, speaks good english and is very obliging to fans. (He even danced with a girl who asked – gasp! Of course, she specifically targeted him the whole night, but at least it paid off for her.)

      1. Ahhaha you read that account too? She’s my idol! I would have done the same thing and stalked YB til he danced with me too! 😀

        1. I’m actually happy that he did! This has pretty much been my idea of YB at a club… sitting by himself and hanging with his YG bros.

          So yeah, dancing with a girl is happy news for this fanmom. He’s got to put himself out there more…

        2. OMFG His dancing at the end of that video made me laugh out loud so hard. ahahahhahahahaha.

          Why am I not surprised that he is a good boy and just hangs out YG fam..doesn’t drink or parties? Perfect in my eyes.

          That girl has some guts. I don’t think I would ever have the guts to do some bump and grinding with Youngbae. lol. It’s a nice thought though. hahaha.

        3. That video was just awesome. Goes to show that he doesn’t need other people to have fun. And it doesn’t surprise me that he’s the only one dancing at the end. Boy can never stop himself from grooving to whatever music is playing. He was just too adorbs, all super energetic compared to everyone else.

        4. omg,what did i just watched?lol
          whatever it is,i love it so much i can’t wipe the grin off my face:D

  2. i agree he’s really nice… i was in korea over the summer and i was at YG waiting to meet him and it’s late and he’s really tired but he’s so sweet that he signs autographs for the few fans that are waiting and we’re all foreigners… he spoke good english. love YB!

    1. It was part of a forum thread now buried somewhere in LiveJournal. Sorry I can’t dig it up for you – can’t find it anymore. (Though it was just a mention really more than anything else.)

  3. Aww. I guess he’s not much of a party boy.
    I wonder what he does for fun.
    Anyway, he sure does love that black turtleneck.
    He’s always going around covering his face when he wears it.

    1. he goes out with friends. there’s been pics of him bowling, eating and going to baseball games and concerts. Not much of a partier tho, at least not with strangers.

  4. Is…he…wearing…
    Yes! And I don’t even know why I find this awesome. But he is, so it’s fine by me 😀

  5. not a bad song. YB looks hot as usual.
    on a side note, what’s the song about? honestly, it looked weird with all the white people there. they looked out of place. but that’s only from my perspective. maybe if I knew what the song was talking about, it’d make more sense.
    but TOP is looking hot with that hair color. but we all know YB is the hottest. DAMN!!!

  6. Are there anymore fam cams? He’s so adorable dancing and havin a good time for his buddies. He doesn’t look like a partier at all but he does look like a good designated driver and wingman, there just to support u in whatever situation

  7. Those extra videos made me fall inlove with taeyang again. He seems like such a gangster…but you really shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.. Especially after knowing how taeyang really is he’s nothing but.

    1. OMG. Bless that cameraman for being a YB fanboy. (Though its official? Hmm. But I’m definitely not complaining) YB looks like he’d be loads of fun as a club buddy though, if he was in the mood. Thanks for sharing.

      Next mystery – what’s with covering his face with the sweater neck? Strange.

      1. I know. he needs to stop that. I like his face a lot so this new thing he has going on is disappointing. But he was so cute and hyper. Seemed to have really enjoyed himself.

    2. One of the many reasons I love this boy ❤ He seems like the type of person that would be real fun at a club. Jumping around, dancing..just having a good time. Lesson to all the kids out there: you don't need to drink to have fun!
      And I agree! Stop hiding your beautiful face boy!

    3. Tae Daddy in full force! This reminds me of the GD/TOP’s Hip Hop Stage….the YG Hip Hop Fairy is back at it again!

      And yes, the covering of that gorgeous face needs to stop! YB, I love you in sweaters but please stop!

    4. Thanks for the video!

      Ugh YB why do u keep covering ur beautiful face?! D: It’s so annoying… anyways.
      It’s nice to see him having fun ❤

  8. watching those fancams above, i could only think of one thing. YB pulling up his ‘colar’ up to his nose… it’s a habit already… distracting! >.<

    He was trying his best to really enjoy himself, gotta give him props for really trying hard for his bros 🙂

  9. omo!bae is so cuteee:)he just cant stop dancing e?kekeke…atleast we all know that he is happyys,despite of his busy sched’s:)))

  10. Hey where’s the journal of the fan girl who posted that she danced with YB? I really want to read it and would like to see the full details. I’m so jealous. I wish I could visit Seoul. Just to visit Seoul for 1 week would cost me around $2500 for the plane ticket and hotel. 😦 Kind of makes me wish I lived there sometimes.

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