Mnet MAMA Relay 2010 – Taeyang fan videos!

As some of you might know, the MNET MAMA 2010 Awards are around the corner and Mnet is holding a video contest to win tickets to the show. Various Kpop fans have been posting videos online to show their fan fevour however I gotta say, Taeyang fans are bringing their A-game (yeah, I’m a little biased!). Here are some AWESOME fan videos:

Masha from Russia (I had a good laugh with the story of this whole video!)

Jason Palmero from Vancouver, B.C

Wendy from Mexico

Adam from UK

Carmen and Jesse from New Zealand

Divine from L.A (~love her idea!)

I’m sure I’ve missed a couple but if I could vote, I’d give each every one them as many as I could 😀

15 thoughts on “Mnet MAMA Relay 2010 – Taeyang fan videos!”

  1. These people are awesome but if I really had to pick me favorite, it’ll be the 3rd video. He’s just amazing and he made me smile.

  2. hay i realy luv wendy from mexico…. im spanish and she did great she is my hero XD taeyang is amazing he is my idol, my superhero he is OMYB hahahhah Thanx 🙂

  3. Taeyang is the only Kpop artist i know that got a lot of fanboys and they are not shy to show it just look at youtube. i wonder why.

  4. Oh my gosh! It never ceases to amaze me how creative people are with supporting their artists! I’m sure Taeyang will feel soo happy knowing he has these devoted fans all over the world. ^__^

  5. fanboy hear 🙂
    taeyang is awesome. you people should know that lol.
    He’s the only person/guy who’s songs are more played on my ipod than kanye west 😀
    GL to Taeyang 🙂 Don’t let those B!tc#es take those awards

  6. The first video is so cute!! Love the storyline.

    And OMG!! the second video, that’s the guy who shaved his hair into Taeyang’s logo! XDDDD ULTIMATE FANBOY hahahahaha, I love the beginning, end and everything in between, that was some awesome vid!!

    The third vid… wow that guy’s got the choreo DOWN~~~~~~ Nice!!!!

    The video of the girls screaming was very cute, and I love the craziness…Hahahahah XD

    Plus they’re in Melbourne!!! Ahh! So close yet so far away, LOL

    It’s hard for me to pick a favourite, but I think the last video was really nice. It’s a great idea and different from the rest.

    But I would’ve also picked the third video simply because he wowed me with the dance. It was really good.

    Fanboys are always welcome hahahaa, ooo~~~ thanks for sharing these videos!!! They really made my day!

    And seriously, somebody should show this to YB, if I were him I’d be so overjoyed and happy. >w<

  7. Hi =(^__^)=
    I’m glad you liked my video^^
    Yes, we, Taeyang’s fans are very devoted~ <333
    Let's support him all together~~~~

  8. Love em all (: talk about international eh ? So glad hes touched so many people from different parts of the world, go taeyang!

  9. all was great, but 2nd video was a true fan dedication!!
    last video was the best support though. i give them all thumbs
    up & i wish for nothing but good luck to all them in the contest.

    taeyang——-> fighting~ 🙂
    i believe taeyang will win an award (or some..)

  10. These are super adorable especially the fanboy ones! LOL.
    There’s this really great one I saw last week but it was set to private! 😦

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