Taeyang reveals the mysterious ghost + more subs!

We’ve finally finished up subbing the Strong Heart clips for you guys!~
Thanks to Patra and Georgie for their hard work!

We will not be uploading the Episode 1 Taeyang/DS cuts on youtube, however we have subbed it will up for download soon. Below are cuts from the 2nd episode! Enjoy!

Taeyang speaks about the ghost haunting BB members *creepy*

Incase the video gets deleted, you can Watch or Download it HERE

MORE under the cut~Taeyang and member prank calls~

>>>Watch or Download HERE

Taeyang & his high school picture

>>>Watch or Download HERE

28 thoughts on “Taeyang reveals the mysterious ghost + more subs!”

  1. Thanks for uploading the video guys & Patra and Georgie for their hard work, its really appreciated ^^

    >< wonder who sent the text lol.

    The whole dance routine with Juri never gets old, got me laughing so hard. lol @ Taeyang could be scared of Juri than the ghost.

    Also thanks for the download links ATY xx

  2. Thanks for the subs guys! The ghost story is so scary!! ><"

    Who sent the text message though? Even though it wasn't resolved…"XD Still a mystery, hmm…

    Tae Yang and the high school picture is just awesome… He looks damn fine in every way…XDDD

    The dance with Juri is just…LOLs~~

    It's hard to forget that moment. XD

  3. The ghost story really freaked me out.
    I couldn’t understand what Taeyang was saying, so I had to read the sub. And while reading it I was covering my eyes and peaking through my hands. haha
    that’s how scared I get when it comes to ghost story and stuff.

    but other than that it was funny, the whole prank calls and his high school picture. lol
    what a cutie.

  4. i really liked the way he told the ghost story
    it was actually scary! haha especially when he stomped or something after he talked about the door knob haha
    i am the master at prank calls
    prank texts are amatures hahaha

  5. man that ghost story is some scary stuff I would’ve started throwing elbows haha and I like how he stomped his foot when he said someone kicked the door, truly scary story I believe it.

  6. hahaha.awesome.scary ghost story.
    i dont get why they were laughing
    when taeyang said “stop doing that! stop it”(3:05).

    how funnny.the dance wit taeyang.omg his long hair.

  7. i can’t download the one with the ghost story 😦 can you please reupload it? been searching for it forever T.T Thanks!!

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