7 thoughts on “Taeyang being playful :)”

  1. awwww I’m so favoriting this one on youtube. ^^ YB is so so cute!! thanks for posting.^^ and good luck with school. It kills me too. T___T

  2. That was freaking adorable. We need to see this side way more often. I sort of crave it more, the less he shows us though LOL.

  3. this is the cutest vid in the world – i love the part where he wins the video game..he’s jumping up and down like a kid….so cute!

  4. yes this vid oh god i get so much guilty pleasure out of this!!
    seriously i dont know how many times i have seen this…

    ok one question at the end of this vid shows a clip of taeyang and daesung doing a shoot and taeyang is like lyp synching his heart out…i have been going crazy trying to find the vid…does anyone know which vid that is…..

  5. @bb_roni – welcome to AT!!! nice to meet ya!
    heres the link to the video your looking for =)

    YB is so cuteeeee gah lol

  6. @sweetsorrow18 :: dang your fast thanks so much and thanks for the welcome!! nice to meet you too!!! thanks again!!

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