Taeyang video teaser for BigBang’s Monster MV

The full MV will be released on June 3 at 12 midnight KST.

More about the album below the cut:

The Still Alive Special Edition album will also be released digitally on online shops and iTunes at midnight on June 3 , though the full physical  album will be available starting June 6.   There are 5 new songs on the album: Still Alive, Monster, 빙글빙글(Bingle Bingle), and the Korean versions of Feeling and Ego.

In the meantime the album can already be pre-ordered through dvdheaven (with poster) or YG-Shop. 518% is also helping international fans purchase the album from Korea. (Check with them through @YB_518 on twitter.)  There will be six different versions (one for each member and a BigBang version.)  Each version will have a different cover, photo-booklet and YG Family Card.

The Japanese version, called Alive Monster Edition, will be available beginning June 20. There are 3 versions depending if you want to include a DVD and Shirt in your purchase. For the tracklist and other details and pre-orders, check YesAsia.

10 thoughts on “Taeyang video teaser for BigBang’s Monster MV”

  1. It’s official guys. I’m dead. YB! The things you do to me!!!!!

    He rocks that outfit way better than Johnny Depp ever did. 🙂

    And his eyes! Omg. THOSE EYES!!!!!! They gave me the chills tbh.

    Of course, the absolute sweet glorious perfection that is YB’s voice. *swoons*

    Everything about this video has gotten me spazzing. ❤

    But is it just me? I can't seem to connect all of the audio teasers to make one song.

  2. Gaaah. The man is smoking hot in the video. (Maybe also literally hot. What’s the weather like in Seoul? Doesn’t look like a comfortable outfit. Then again, one must suffer for beauty. Must be hard to dougie in that though. 😛 ) That aside, looking real good YoungBae….

  3. Okeeey!! soo, young bae and his teaser…well teaser sure IS!! I mean, that leather, i could only think about s&m (don’t judge), xD i still can’t get use to new young bae i need to grow up since i am stuck in 2009 with him…full support for yb and his style!!! Let’s get it on sugar!!

    P.S. Please leave that frikyish eyes!! let it be ur new style!! That 1 sec must be freezed xD…peace out always taeyang!

  4. love that hairstyle 😉 & YB’s heavenly voice
    all the audio teasers seem too different to be in one song but it’s not something unusual in BB’s music. that’s why im expecting more from this song.

  5. Love the audio, love the hot guy in the video – who’s that??? 😛

    I can’t seem to connect all the songs together, the only thing that makes sense to me so far is that the every BB members lost in the sewers/abandoned building somewhere….

    I’m reminded of Resident Evil and the recent ‘zombie apocalypse’ in Miami…..

  6. he look so hot with his hair like this.a little bit down in the forehead.YB’s song teaser and seungri are the only one i like so far.
    hope i won’t be dissappointed when they release the whole song.

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