Taeyang Clubbing with Lyle Beniga in Korea

Seems like Taeyang met up with his friend Lyle Beniga and others from Movement Lifestyle (a company of choreographers that have worked with YGE and other Korean music companies) who are in Korea now.  Word is that they went to a club.

more pictures below the cut

cr: @jephuree, @LA861

I love seeing picture of Taeyang just being himself and hanging out with his friends. I also love how close he is with the ML crew – you can tell it’s way more than just a professional relationship but a deep friendship too. Lyle is in Korea working with a kpop star (not Taeyang as far as I can tell). Hopefully he and Taeyang will have plenty of time to hang out in the middle of their busy schedule.  

11 thoughts on “Taeyang Clubbing with Lyle Beniga in Korea”

  1. Is that him holding the bottle at the 3rd photo?

    … oh I guess not. Hmm, wonder how he gets when drunk. Knowing him, he’d probably be the silent groggy type that would just fall asleep in the end.

  2. I guess I was wrong again haha. Found a 3 year old interview of him where he told his experience of being drunk:

    “One day I got swept away by atmosphere and as I drank one shot and another, I felt like I was getting drunk. I was hearing people talking like a tape was stretched and I was getting hyper. I realized ‘this is why people like to drink,’ and started to worry after what happened.”

    So he does get hyper and out of control… hehe, here’s to hoping for a Drunk YB phone message

    1. Doesn’t Lyle also work with Kim Hyung Joong ? Or at least I remember reading that somewhere. Don’t quote me though, my memory sucks so bad lately.

        1. Lyle also choreo’d Kim Hyun Joong’s “Please”. I’m not really a fan though… compared to Taeyang, everyone looks sort of… ordinary… even with Lyle choreo.

          Keone Madrid did KHJ’s “Kiss Kiss” too. For reference Keone did “Better Together” and “Digital Bounce” by Se7en, all ML guys. (cool)

  3. i hope lyle and shaun collaborate again for taeyang’s songs. i loved where u at and wedding dress choreography, and i think lyle’s swag matches with YB so much.

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