[Blast from the Past] TY Freestyling

Taeyang has definitely got some moves. Though looking back, his freestyle has certainly evolved quite a bit. See him back in 2007 at the YG Family 10th Anniversary concert in LA – at 0:49 and starting again at 1:38.

More below the cut.

See TY at 1:44.

Kind of wish he’d bring some of this back every now and then. No question he’s improved (a lot), but I miss that kind of fun and openness that gets lost with being so controlled.

I guess its expected though,  that his current dance style would naturally mirror his generally more mature and serious character as he grew older, as well as the various influences from other dancers and choreographers he’s worked with.  Considering that he’s a lot more chipper and playful nowadays, wonder if we will see a change in his dance again? More than just the dougie that is.

Thanks to khypestaff and grgttetete for the uploads!

8 thoughts on “[Blast from the Past] TY Freestyling”

  1. I love that he still goes into a random dance spazz, but not as open and free like he is in the videos here. =\

    I guess that comes with growing older, seeing more, and experience. But I agree, maybe the lively and happy YB these days could change his random danze spazz a little, haha.

  2. I miss oldschool Taeyang every now and then. His dance was so free, you didn’t really know what to expect of his freestyles. The Taeyang of now, this isn’t a knock on him at all, but just an observation, he tends to use a lot of the same moves over and over in most if not all of his recent freestyles.

    He’ll open with a really slick move he has never shown before and then proceed to go through a cycle he uses in his recent freestyles which consist of the chest isolation where he waves/moves it around, the splits, the backflip, and spinning around a lot. Whereas old YB would show his entire repertoire, B-Boy, Waves, Pop/Lock and Krump.

    Of course, comparing now and then, it’s pretty darn obvious that YB is a better dancer now just by looking at how sharp his movements are today as opposed to how loose they were back then, but it’d be nice if YB could break out of this ‘trained’ mode he seems to be in every time he freestyles and just loses himself like he did in the past.

    Just my 2 cents.

    1. I know what you mean. He doesn’t even get much opportunity to really freestyle on camera that much either as part of BB or solo since the music and choreo they have been doing recently doesn’t really call for it. I miss the old Shake It and BIGBANG performances from way back where the choreo was loose enough for each of them to improvise and so each performance had a lot of little details that weren’t in other ones. TY in particular was a joy to watch since he used to throw in little poses and mannerisms that he would never repeat.

      In the meantime, I’ve been making do with the odd fancam that shows him rehearsing and just grooving to the music (like the Pentaport and Soulfest rehearsals.) I think that’s as close as we’re going to get to a real “freestyle” (not the prepared stuff for TV) for a while. Not much, but I’ll take what I can get.

  3. YES. I think about this everytime I watch some of Bae’s current freestyles and dance breaks. I miss this style of freestyle so much, it almost hurts. Bring it back, Youngbae 😦

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