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[Blast from the Past] YOZM Interview: “How is Taeyang doing?” (100914)


We never had a chance to translate this interview back when it was first released in 2010 since it was so long (though we did post Daum’s summary article based on it along with the superb photographs.) There’s a lot of interesting little details for fans in the original interview though. Daum had gathered questions from fans and picked 30 of them for this informal interview which covers everything from the personal to the professional. I loved the way it gives a glimpse of the more casual and human side of Taeyang. Enjoy!

YOZM: If there is a chance to meet your fans for a day, what do you want to do? (Actually they would already have a long list^^) It’s not easy to meet them outside of stages.
Taeyang: I really want to go camping with them for few days. Like rent a bus and go all together.

The funniest behavior in your life…
I do silly things a lot. I like hiding somewhere and then showing up all of a sudden. (*Actually he was hiding behind the sofa when we arrived at the interview venue.) If there’s a closet in the waiting room, I hide in there all the time. I like those things a lot. I found more and more people understand and enjoy my humor nowadays. So surprising….

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