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JYP wants to produce for Taeyang

Seems like JYP is really diggin’ YG artists these days. From wanting to take Daesung into his company to now wanting to produce for Taeyang~

Recently, JYP was on “Come  2 Play” promoting his new song and he was asked to list “Artists he would like to produce for” – Taeyang was his NO.2 choice of artists he’d like to work with.

He praised Taeyang, saying ” He dances really great and plays with the rhythm. TaeYang can express in his dance the feel that is uniquely black”

JYP was very impressed with Taeyang in his “Where U At” music video as well.

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For those wondering, NO.1 went to Lee Hyori and No.3 was Taeyeon (SNSD)

This is interesting news. I’ve always liked JYP, albeit he is a little wacky in his own music however he is very respected in the industry and with his recent success of bringing the Wondergirls to the US, it’s no wonder he’s interested in Taeyang. I’m sure JYP is probably thinking of all the possiblities if he worked with TY~haha YG, let’s get cracking on that international debut!

I’m sure Taeyang is happy – he’s also a JYP fanboy! We’ll post up more info from the episode soon!