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Tae Yang came, he saw, and he conquered.

Source: the lovely people at YBmania and tofu for re-upload because I love you so.

If you weren’t one of the 60 in the ChattYBox with us as we waited through the repetitiveness, fruitiness, and horridly-dressed that is Kpop, then you wouldn’t understand our appreciation when Tae Yang finally took the stage for his special comeback performance.

As difficult as the choreography is and despite the fact that Tae Yang has a cold, he did not disappoint one bit, but actually really delivered.  He brought Shaun, Lyle, his hot little self, his swag, his cap, his voice and rocked the stage.  He even lifted up his shirt for a bit.  And YES, I know this is on the top of our minds, HIS ABS ARE STILL THERE.  No worries.

Granted he relied on the back-track/MR,  but he sound great whenever he did sing.  The boy still got it.  (BTW this not considered lipsyncing.) Dunno why the hell I was so worried.

HQ/HD and download will be up when we get our greedy hands on it.

Commence spazzing.

+Fancams added under the cut.
+Tae Yang is HOT HOT HOT! He’s ranking #1 on Korea’s top search engine, Naver.

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Taeyang, Official Composing Debut With “Where U At”

Big Bang’s Taeyang made his first mark as a composer.

On the 15th, according to Taeyang’s management YG Entertainment, Taeyang, in a year and 5 months, [is back with] his fans with his digital single “Where U At.”

The music video, which was released at 11:00 that day, and the song, “Where U At,” was co-composed by Teddy and Taeyang with the story of imagining and longing for a future partner who could be living anywhere in the world.

Especially because Taeyang himself took part in the composing, the response is that he let his style be seen more clearly.

Source: Jet@ygworld.net

I’m quite ecstatic that he co-composed this song.  A very strong and promising start.  He had clear vision and executed it perfectly.  This should shut all the people up who say he’s too produced and doesn’t really take any part in his music.  Congrats Youngbae!  I’m really looking forward to what else he has left inside of his little sexy self.

*EDIT – new 20+ WHERE U AT animations added

also check out Taeyang Heaven re-opened.

– Kay

T-Day: The Aftermath

Who’s still not over last night’s Tae Yang high?  Because I’m not!  Still loving the song and MV like the first time I heard it.  I was nervous for absolutely no reason, but I wasn’t even close to being disappointed at all.  He definitely lived up to the hype and anticipation.  The song itself isn’t as catchy as “Prayer” or “Look Only At Me” but grows quickly.  Plus, the music video, choreography, and the fact that he co-composed the song overcompensates.  I think this is getting overlooked.  Overall, I was very impressed.

Here’s my quickly one-way letter to Tae Yang, please indulge me.

My Dearest Tae Yang/Youngbae,

Thank you for keeping it real and true.  Thank you for keeping it about the art.  Thank you for being fresh without trying hard to be “fresh.”  And thank you for being your hot little self.

Love, Tofu

PS: Youngbae, you suck at lipsyncing.  Please stick to real singing.

Well the point is of this post if to keep you all updated on everything that comes after the song release: chart ranking, fan reactions, or anything random and interesting.  I’ll update as stuff comes out.

  • HQ Wallpapers!

  • “WHERE U AT” is owning various music charts, like Mnet and cyworld.
  • You can buy his single off of YGE’s own music site: http://www.yg-music.net/ There are English registration information, but the process is quite complicated.  You have to submit a photo ID.  I’m personally waiting for the full album or whenever YG gets his mind straight and releases it on iTunes.
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Taeyang WHERE U AT release!~~

OMG OMG OMG. *faints*
*added – audio download link ….|HERE|
>YGE’s official Youtube Release
>Taeyang #1 on Mnet and Cyworld
>English subbed

Now that I’ve regained consciousness to review this….first off, hats off to Shaun Evaristo and Lyle Beniga. The choreography (as you all must have noticed) is just A-mazing. From beginning to end, excellent choreo. Now for Yb….DAMN ~ this MV is really about his music and dancing. Sure, its a tad on the simple side, but I ain’t complaining. It shows YB’s essence – music and dance. Heck, he makes a simple Tee and jeans look SO sexy. The song is really go~~ great work by Teddy & Taeyang…YES Taeyang. According to sources (georgie)..Taeyang co-wrote this song with Teddy. I’m impressed and really happy he has extending his world into composing. As for Wedding Dress – YG sure knows how to save best for last. I am really anticipating that track; the piano at the beginning got me.

Hows you guys like it?

Pics under the cut…

To top it off…YG  opened Taeyang’s page on the official YG ent site!
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T-2: Even More Photos

If you aren’t following me/the blog on Twitter, you might have not seen the recent two pictures released yet.  There’s only about two days left and it all begins.  Actually, it really begins Wednesday evening because of the time differences.  But it doesn’t matter, it’s finally here!  The day we’ve all be waiting for: T-Day!

I’m personally excited to see Tae Yang and hear his voice again.  Nervous at the same time because he’s got a lot to live up to; to surpass – mainly himself.  Can’t wait to see what he as left to do.  And to end, here’s the quote from the great Teddy, “The Best.  Don’t f*ck with him.  He’s gonna take over.”

(C)YG Entertainment
Sources: DCYB + YBMania

[Updated]Get ready for T-Day!


The articles have been translated by the wonderful pgeorgie and posted here: Basking in the Sun.  READ IT! And show some LOVE!  For the meantime, here’s a summary of the main points and interesting tidbits:

-Tae Yang’s first single “WHERE U AT” and accompanying MV will be released on the 15th – literally “mid-October.”  The song is about TY’s future love; very personal indeed.
– There will be no promotion performances or stages.  It’s just a taste of the full-album coming out later. (Booooooo, YG, booooooooo)
-A second single titled “Wedding Dress” will be released with a MV on 11/11.  A preview of it will be at the end of “WHERE U AT” MV.
– Lyle Beniga and Shaun Evaristo will be in the video saying: “TaeYang is better than any professional dancer we have ever seen. It’s absurd that a singer is this good a dancer!”

This article brought a smile to my face.  The reporter sure knows his stuff!  Here’s my favorite part because I’m the mushy and sentimental type!

TaeYang made a strong impression on both critics and the public. He successfully broke the mold of a lead vocalist of a popular boy band and garnered both critical acclaim and popular success as a serious musician.

Yes, people T-Day is here.

Articles: Newsen, Osen, MyDaily,

Photo Source: Newsen; (C)YG Entertainment

*full size images posted in the gallery