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[Feature] YB Collabs through the Years : Part 1 Wheesung and Se7en

When things are slow here at ATY (i.e. when Taeyang is missing in action) we tend to become nostalgic and start digging through old files for ways to fill our Taeyang fix. Hence this series of features on Taeyang’s old collaborations, starting with some celebrated sunbaes.

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The Secret: Tae Yang’s Story – Subbed!

As mentioned before Tae Yang’s journey as an artist was broadcasted on the show “The Secret.”  We hear from his pastor (I believe) and Wheesung.  I’m really interested in what Wheesung had to say about Tae Yang.  Wheesung was his senior in YG Entertainment and had a hand in training him.  His album “All My Heart and Soul” was also in contention for the Korean Music Awards, but lost to Tae Yang’s “HOT.”

English subbed video:

Thanks to Georgie for the translations!

Tofu Says: Thanks Georgie & Kay for your sheer awesomeness! Very interesting video  indeed!

PS: Sorry for my overall crapiness lately.  Preparing for college and the new apartment.  I need a second job!  Making it up to you.

Tae Yang @ the Soul Concerts

It doesn’t get any better than this:

I think Tae Yang is getting the royal treatment here: he has three of the best vocalists in Korea covering not only his song, but also his choreography.  Park Hyo Shin, Wheesung, and Jung Yup sang “Look Only at Me” at the Soul Concert series around the end of the year. (2008)  There’s a lot, I mean a lot, of covers and parodies of this song, and this has got to be my favorite.   Great take on the song and incredible vocals.  Does Tae Yang and the song some justice.

It’ll be perfect if Tae Yang was to share a stage with these three.

More info about the singers and performance under the cut.

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