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“Wedding Dress” Song + MV out!

[Update] – New Pictures in Gallery, HD Eng Sub download below, Wedding Dress GIFS HERE

  • MP3 Download (audio) – HERE
  • Mp4 Download (video, no subs, works with ipods) – HERE
  • HD Eng Subbed AVI Download (video,138.68MB) – HERE

Kay’s Comment

Taeyang has the ability to make my cry my heart out without understanding a single word.
The meaning, the feeling the essence and the depth from which he sings is just spellbounding.
No words can explain how amazing he is.

The M/V – gorgeous. The choreography was PERFECT
His acting – I could not ask for more.

Taeyang has the ability to flutter into your heart, tug on your hearts strings and leave you chasing after him for more. He’s a true shining star….the sun is rising again, I’m just a mere fan hoping to catch a glimpse of the rays.

Thank you Taeyang for making me proud to be your fan.

– Kay

World domination begins now.


Message from mrYG about Tae Yang’s solo


To check when the music video will be released in your time zone, use THIS
It will be released on Gomtv, you can see YG’s channel HERE*Scroll down to “NEW M/V” that’s where it will be.

Mr. Yang Hyun Suk (mrYG), CEO of YG Entertainment just released a statement on YGE’s official website talking about, among other things, Tae Yang’s upcoming solo comeback.  Here is a quick summary of what he said:

  • “Wedding Dress” will be released on November 13th as a digital single along with a music video. (At 11am Korean Time)
  • Unlike, “Where U At,” he will be promoting this songs through radio shows and TV broadcasts.
  • mrYG said he understands the fan’s frustrations regarding the lack of the company’s promotional efforts and “whines about how difficult it is to promote in this fast changing environment.  We speculate he’s referring to the problems he had with several broadcasting companies such as MBC/KBS during G-Dragon’s activities.  We predict as a consequence, Tae Yang will probably appear on SBS and Mnet shows only.
  • It was Tae Yang’s idea to release two digital singles before dropping the full album, probably in order to extend the length of his promotional period.
  • He mentioned that they are trying out a new promotional strategy and will promote as long as needed.
  • Shaun Evaristo and Lyle Beniga went to Korea a few weeks ago, not only to perform with Tae Yang, but to choreograph for “Wedding Dress” and the MV.
  • There was no mention of the actual album besides that “Where U At” is the first track and “Wedding Dress” is not the title track, which means Tae Yang will be promoting another song once the album is released.

And mrYG ends with: 모두들 안녕히 계세요.. 꾸벅 ~  (영배~  화! 이! 팅 !)

or “Goodbye everyone…With a bow ~ (Youngbae Fi! igh! ting!)”

Source: ygfamily.com

Thank you pgeorgie for most of the translations.

D-1!!! Are you ready? As always, party in the ChattYBox!  No need to remind because  you all would come anyways!

30 sec “teaser” of Wedding Dress

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And I flipped out for no reason.  I saw a tweet on my phone and went into my crazy madwoman mode searching all the Korean fanboards for more legitimate news and it turn out just to be the same 30 seconds that Tae Yang released with his “Where U At” MV.

But for the hell sake of it, here it is:

I just had a newly discovered appreciation for Tae Yang’s music, as odd as it may sound, after listening to his album nonstop the last few days, in particular “Where U At.”  I realized how intricately composed and arrange his pieces are: there are layers and layers of instrumentals that combine to make a very rich sound.  I hadn’t noticed this about “Look Only At Me” or “Prayer” until very recently.   “Where U At” is a big song, it captures you right away, but it does not mean it’s not also exceptional on the more detailed level.  I find myself really digging the arrangement of this song, especially the trumpet-like strain that comes in right before Tae Yang starts talking.  I guess that all this attention to detail in the music itself (YB the perfectionist) was why he got so much critical acclaim and most significantly the 2 Korean Music Awards.   “Wedding Dress,” so far, is no exception.  Again, Tae Yang co-composed this with Teddy.  I am curious to what other potentials he has left to reveal to us.

I quote myself once again: “Youngbae, I only expect world domination.”

[News] TaeYang’s 2nd Digital Single Wedding Dress Coming Out on the 13th

[(c)YG Entertainment]

Just the gist:

– TaeYang from Big Bang to unveil his new single, “Wedding Dress” shortly.
– According to the YG Entertainment official press release today, TaeYang’s 2nd digital single is coming out on the 13th.
– TaeYang will continue his promotional activities, inclduing TV appearances, until the end of the year.
– Wedding Dress is co-composed by Teddy and TaeYang.
– Wedding Dress is a slow R&B song that has both popular appeal and artistic merit, much like Look Only at Me.
– TaeYang will make the TV debut performance of his new single on SBS Inkigayo on the 15th, coming Sunday.

[Original source: Money Today]

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Wedding Dress to be released Nov 13?

More news about Wedding Dress..here’s a date change (surprised?).
It’s speculated that Taeyang’s Wedding Dress MAY be released Nov 13 but it is not entirely certain. Earlier today, Mnet posted up a preview list of releases this month and Wedding Dress was one of them…See below:

But it was abruptly taken down by Mnet later in the day, See below:

Fans are speculating the information is 80% true and that Wedding Dress is scheduled to release Nov 13th (from the original Nov 11) but that YG wants to keep this a secret, and thus told all the music sites to keep it under wraps. It’s either that, or it was some false information.

Either way, we’ll keep ya’ll posted =)

Wedding Dress MV Church Filming – Fan Account

Last time we brought you the news about Sandara Park sporting a wedding dress which was speculated for Taeyang’s Wedding Dress MV. Well now we’ve got some more news about the church were Wedding Dress is being filmed. This is a fan account by a lucky fan who got to see some stuff going on behind the scenes!
Thank you myokoon for the translations.

Big Bang came to Tae An for the second time!! They came to Kkotji before, when I went on a school excursion. (damn). Today, he came to Tae An for shooting the Wedding Dress MV.

Actually the shooting happened during lunchtime. The classmates who went there saw closely. I heard the information about this and immediately left my class.I arrived early because it takes me 10 minutes between my school and the church, but all the classmates had already had arrived.

Anyway, I was waiting around there and Young Bae oppa came out at times but he would suddenly appear and then go in again, so I had no time to take pictures. I couldn’t take pictures. I wanted to show you all.

My friend went with a math textbook to get his autograph. I brought my REMEMBER album ~lol.

We were waiting for him secretly at a side door. By the way, Young bae oppa who didn’t realize there were many people outside came out and went in again in surprise because the followers were screaming. (~so cute)

When he left, he waved his hand and gave a greeting. It was like a marriage concept but I don’t think he is the bridegroom. There were so many extras. He was wearing a black vest and a black necktie, and hair rising to the sky like a chestnut.

Original account here
Translations by myokoon@alwaystaeyang

Please credit alwaystaeyang if taken elsewhere