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“Where U At” demo was originally in English?

And this is why you should visit ATY more often if you’re not a frequent blogger (lol) because only here you’ll get such juicy information as this~

Back in March, one of the ATY visitors attended the Korean Night event hosted by Shaun and Lyle where they taught both “Where U At” and “Wedding Dress”. Anyway, here is the interesting part, according the Shaun and Lyle, the track that had been sent to them for choreography was a demo version where Taeyang was singing in English. A specific example our blogger remembers Shaun and Lyle speaking of, is the part where Taeyang says “day and night, high and low”, in the English version he says “pick up the fight” – hence the sort of “punch” like steps in the choreography.

Thanks to Teresa for emailing in this interesting bit of information!

It’s exciting to know that there is possibly an English version sitting there recorded by Taeyang originally… Where did it go? Why’d they record it? Maybe it was for fun? Or maybe YG has more grander plans in store (as Tofu would say “World Domination”)?

Shaun & Lyle to teach WD & WUA Choreo

All you lucky Taeyang fans in Cali, you have the chance to meet Lyle Beniga and Shaun Evaristo at TM Dance Studio where they’ll be teaching “Wedding Dress” and “Where U At” !
Makes me wanna hop on a plane and fly down there, not for the dance because I’ve got two left feet, but because I’ve got a little crush on Lyle *blush* and I bow down to Shaun *bows* haha. I’d just wanna stare at them for being so close to Taeyang. Anyway, check em out!

Website: http://tmdance.org/Korean_Night_Event.html

Thank you jeannuxu for the tip~

Another crazy awesome English cover of “Wedding Dress”

Even if  the reaction to Tae Yang’s “Wedding Dress” was lackluster in Korea, but it’s obvious that the song is substantially popular in the international community.  Proof?  Listen  to yet another awesome cover of the song!  I have to say I’m very, very, very impressed with it.  Again it stays true to the original lyrics and the idea behind the song, but doesn’t sound strange when translated.  I love the remixing as well. 

Major props JDRelic!

This also proves that Tae Yang’s songs, though originally in Korean, written for the Korean language, could be sung in English.  Yeah baby, one step closer to world domination!

Fantastic English Cover of “Wedding Dress”

This song isn’t easy to write English lyrics for without being extremely awkward, but this cover is great – the best I’ve heard so far!  The lyrics stay true to the original and the flow is not weird and forced.  Didn’t think this was possible!

Major props: miniachilles

Shout out to Dilani for posting it on Twitter!

How many times has this song and dance been covered?  Too many to count.  Enjoy!

Taeyang on SBS LOVE FM Radio Show Subbed!

Since we’re all been more than a little Taeyang deprived these days, ATY’s sub team has just finished up SBS’s LOVE FM radio show with Taeyang. The interview is loads of fun, with some stuff all Taeyang fans already know as well as some new things we get to learn about our idol…ENJOY!!

Download Here:
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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January 2010 GQ Korea Interview+SBS Gayo Update

2009 SBS Gayo update –
Performance is on the 29th of December – Taeyang will be perfoming “Wedding Dress“, “Where U At” AND have a Special Performance. GD is also schedule to perform “Korean Dream” – however its not certain whether Taeyang will be performing jointly ~check the schedule to see when you can watch it live.
Holy Shizzles.  *Passing out from a fangirl nosebleed.*

So according to me, this is probably Tae Yang’s hottest, sexiest phootshoot EVER.

Dear GQ Korea,

Thank you.  I  am not worthy.


C: GQ Korea
Source: sol-mate.co.kr

*FYI: The photographer here seems to be a fanboy of Tae Yang as well.  Hong Jang-Hyun is the same photographer to chose YB as his subject for the NIKE’s AW77 HOODIE ON MOMENT exhibition.  And GQ Korea is no doubt fanboys and fangirls.  Tae Yang was GQ’s Man of the Year for 2008 and they ranked his album as one of the best.