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[Feature] YB Collabs through the Years: Part 6 Teddy and eKnock (Kush)

I was unsure whether or not to include Taeyang’s work with Teddy in this series because that partnership has been the musical foundation of Taeyang’s solo work so far and thus seems on a different level altogether from the collaborations that have been featured.

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Taeyang and Teddy featured in Chris Brown’s “Art Style” Webisode!

Taeyang with his homeboy Teddy (YGE producer) were recently seen in Chris Brown’s webisode about style. He’s at 3:33.
This was shot during Taeyang’s 2 week stay in the US where he traveled from LA to Vegas to New York.  What does it mean that Taeyang and Teddy were meeting up with Chris Brown and his people, not to mention rumors of Teddy meeting up with producer Swizz Beatz? No one knows what this is about.

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D9: Tracks 7 & 8!

Looks like we’ve got ourselves the titles to two more tracks people~ Breakdown (produced by Teddy) and “After You Fall Asleep” featuring rapper Swings produced by GD and Choice 37. Some background on Swings (real name : Johnathan Moon) – He is a member of an underground hiphop crew called Overclass who delivers his lyrics passionately with a perfected flow. Hmmm interesting.

and to update on the “I Need a Girl” MV – Dara posted up a picture showing signs of filming going on in the background! Click to see the full pic 🙂

Anyone catch YG’s boo-boo on the countdown?? (lol)

D10: “MOVE” because there’s only 10 days left!

D10! Only 10 more days and we’ll get to hear the album that Taeyang spent two years working on.  Excited much?  I am!

And you all should be too!  Taeyang fans have experienced many setbacks with this album (how many times has this album been pushed back?) so it’s understandable that expectations and the hype are high.  It’s understandable that some are upset with the situation with the title track and it’s also understandable that some are upset that people are upset.  Discussion and debate are healthy and that’s what we’re all about here at ATY.  It’s the reason the blog was created– so we can talk, spazz, rant.  It’s noted that opinions can be misunderstood.  At the same time note that you may not like what someone says and likewise some else might not fancy what you said so lets all give each other the right to have an opinion.  Which brings me to my main point: Thank you everyone for honestly sharing but also being respectful.  ATY appreciates you maturity and composure. Now lets put everything we said and want to say into box and close it. 

All this talk deters our attention away from the album.  Did we forget that all the waiting will end in 10 days?  Lets talk about how DOPE this album is going to and how DOPE Taeyang’s comeback is going to be.  I’m doing my happy dance because in only 5 days we’ll get to hear snippets of the album while waiting (im)patiently to preorder my copy.  I know you all are too so join my happy dance with me!

Now on to the new tracks!

So far I’m digging the variety of composers and producers for the album.  Hopefully this equates to an album everyone can appreciate.  Any speculations on why all the titles so far have been English?  Translation will be  up soon.

Happy Dance below!

D11: Two more tracks revealed!

Hi everyone, my name is Janelle Marie and I’m a new writer here at Always Taeyang.

If you’re anything like me you’ve been eagerly anticipating Tayang’s new album.  Yesterday YG Entertainment let out of the bag Taeyang’s two new tracks. Well boys and girls they’ve released two more:

Check out the updated site – http://www.ygbigbang.com/taeyang/

Track number three is called “I Need A Girl” featuring G-dragon and track four is called “Just A Feeling” produced by Teddy and Taeyang!

Well, there you have it. I don’t know about you but I’m getting really excited. I can’t wait for Taeyang’s album to drop.

[Interview] 11.28.09 eDaily Spn Taeyang

This one is from a couple weeks back, he talks about some of the same stuff and some new things. It’ a fun read 🙂
Thanks to TYx3 for the tip~

Q: What’s it like to have your comeback after a year and 5 months?
It’s been a while so it’s really nerve-racking.

Q: What type of song is ‘Wedding Dress’?
An R&B song. It’s a sad song about watching the girl you love in a wedding dress, getting married to someone else. Teddy hyung has written lots of tracks, but I really liked this one so I pestered him to give it to me. (laughs)

Q: I heard you helped compose ‘Wedding Dress’?
Teddy hyung made the track, I just put in the melody. I had been thinking of composing a little for a while now because if you contribute to the composition of the song, it helps you understand what type of voice and tone sound good with it. Teddy hyung suggested it so I took the opportunity.
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Various news articles about Tae Yang’s solo activities

Wedding Dress 3
Decided to use this picture because of the jawline.

Just several articles that might be of interest.  Nothing new that we don’t already know.

YG talks about ‘reverse’ strategy for TaeYang’s new album promotions

YG Entertainment explained its recent ‘reverse’ strategy for promoting Big Bangmember TaeYang’s new album, saying it is aimed at prolonging the singer’s activities for his new solo album for as long as possible.

TaeYang released digital single “Where U At” from his upcoming first regular album in mid-October and will promote “Wedding Dress”, released today, till the end of the year, but neither songs are the title track for the album.

“It has become more difficult for singers to promote tracks on their album other than their title song these days with the entire record being released online and people’s listening patterns changing rapidly,” Yang Hyun-suk, founder of YG and also producer of the singer, wrote on his agency’s official website on Thursday.

“Taeyang had requested he be able to promote his album for as long as he can so that was our focus this time,” said Yang.

The producer went onto explain that his agency therefore decided to carry out “reverse promotion” — promoting songs apart from the title song first, and then unveiling the title song along with the entire album.

Taeyang was the first Big Bang member to debut as a solo artist, releasing his first mini-album “HOT” in May 2008 which produced two hit singles titled “Prayer” and “Look Only at Me”.

His recent digital single “Where U At” peaked at No. 6 on Korea’s Mnet Singles Chart last month and his full-length album is set for release early next year.

C: Kbites; Asiae

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[News] TaeYang’s 2nd Digital Single Wedding Dress Coming Out on the 13th

[(c)YG Entertainment]

Just the gist:

– TaeYang from Big Bang to unveil his new single, “Wedding Dress” shortly.
– According to the YG Entertainment official press release today, TaeYang’s 2nd digital single is coming out on the 13th.
– TaeYang will continue his promotional activities, inclduing TV appearances, until the end of the year.
– Wedding Dress is co-composed by Teddy and TaeYang.
– Wedding Dress is a slow R&B song that has both popular appeal and artistic merit, much like Look Only at Me.
– TaeYang will make the TV debut performance of his new single on SBS Inkigayo on the 15th, coming Sunday.

[Original source: Money Today]

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Taeyang, Official Composing Debut With “Where U At”

Big Bang’s Taeyang made his first mark as a composer.

On the 15th, according to Taeyang’s management YG Entertainment, Taeyang, in a year and 5 months, [is back with] his fans with his digital single “Where U At.”

The music video, which was released at 11:00 that day, and the song, “Where U At,” was co-composed by Teddy and Taeyang with the story of imagining and longing for a future partner who could be living anywhere in the world.

Especially because Taeyang himself took part in the composing, the response is that he let his style be seen more clearly.

Source: Jet@ygworld.net

I’m quite ecstatic that he co-composed this song.  A very strong and promising start.  He had clear vision and executed it perfectly.  This should shut all the people up who say he’s too produced and doesn’t really take any part in his music.  Congrats Youngbae!  I’m really looking forward to what else he has left inside of his little sexy self.

*EDIT – new 20+ WHERE U AT animations added

also check out Taeyang Heaven re-opened.

– Kay