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BIGBANG counts down to “BANG BANG BANG” (150601)

Bigbang released the “A-series” set of singles from their 5 month roll-out of MADE. See the video for BANGBANGBANG which can only be described as being “BIGBANG.” The boys are gonna kill the lives.

More video from Naver Starcast below the cut.

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It’s a triple crown on SBS Inkigayo for BIGBANG’s LOSER (150524)

I love the bronze and pewter tones of their stage and outfits! All the stages for Loser have been really pretty and it’s a fitting goodbye stage as they close out the official promo for the “M” series (with a triple crown to boot.) Can’t wait for the “A” series on June 1!

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Happy Birthday Taeyang!


What a pleasure this past year has been. Thank you so much for RISE – for sharing with us your musical journey of 4 years and making us realize that you have so much more to show us. To hear you sing your heart out was such a joy and the RISE Tour was a dream come true for so many fans. We’re so proud of you and how you continue to grow as an artist. We got to know you a lot better – the funny, kind, talented, passionate and generous person that you are. Nowadays with your BIGBANG brothers, it’s great to see you equally happy on stage doing what you love best.

As your fans, we always wish you the best in everything: For your life to be an adventure, that you find interesting challenges and can seize opportunities that take you closer to your dreams as you build your legacy as an artist. For you to constantly discover new things and meet new people to inspire you. That you are healthy and happy, surrounded by people you love and who love you back. That you find success on your own terms, remaining true to yourself and what is most important, and never losing your way despite many distractions. And through this all, that you can share the fruits of this journey with us with good music and performances. We can’t wait for what’s next!