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Tae Yang @ 6th Korean Music Awards

The 6th Korean Music Awards were held last night where Tae Yang was honored with 2 awards: Best R&B/Soul Album and Best R&B/Soul Song. Nominations and winners for this award were judged and based on musical accomplishment and value, not album sales and popularity.

Although he couldn’t make it to the show, Tae Yang did express his gratitude and appreciation with a video:

Thanks to elaisvip@youtube.

According to my google-translate-journalism, Tae Yang was the only “idol” to win an award at the show.  His album was praised by the judging panel for it’s respect and faith to mainstream American R&B music, also carrying with it sheer honesty in it’s lyrics (I’m assuming) and approach.  Tae Yang was very sad that he couldn’t attend the show because “this award meant a lot to me.”

Seriously, we need a translator.

I’m “HOT” for you.

So I have this gut feeling that my “HOT” Concert DVD will be arriving tomorrow or at least very soon.  It’s always been my intention to upload one of the performances for ya’ll since I understand some of us aren’t willing to or just can’t spend $50 for the package.  I didn’t watch the clips uploaded on youtube (apparently they’re deleted anyways) so I just wanted to know which part of the concert ya’ll wanted to see.  I’m not making any promises right now because I don’t know how I’ll do it.  And in light of exams all next week, I don’t know when I’ll be able to upload either.  But for now, vote for your choice, and I’ll try to deliver. Continue reading I’m “HOT” for you.

Official Tae Yang Goodies

“HOT” Concert DVD
Credit: on pics & ygworld & my girl stardaisy@soompi

Hello all!  Thanks sweetsorrow for fixing the problem which allowed me to finally post.  For my debut, I’m sharing some old, but nonetheless awesome Tae Yang goodies. Enjoy!

“Look Only At Me” MV [.wmv file, 343 MB, HQ]
Credit: YG Entertainment, TYC, and Tofu for re-upload.

“Prayer” MV [.wmv, 135 MB, HQ]
Credit: YG Entertainment, TYC, and Tofu for re-upload.

“Look Only At Me” Studio Rehearsal [.avi file, 32 MB, HQ]
Credit: YG Entertainment, TYC, and Tofu for re-upload.

Taeyang at MBC Music Festival [.avi file, 66 MB, MQ]
Credit: ledoquyen@wordpress and Tofu for re-upload.