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Feature: Fernando Cardo on “Wedding Dress” Spanish version!

It’s always great to hear about how Taeyang influences people from different cultures and backgrounds and I had the pleasure of listening to a great Spanish version of “Wedding Dress” written by Fernando Cardo. I think its awesome and really captures the original mood of the song.

Here’s what Fernando had to say about this cover, Taeyang and kpop:
My name is Fernando Cardo, I’m an R&B singer from Argentina and my next project will be to go to Europe to record my first solo album in 2011.  Is my goal to represent R&B in Latin america so I’m always looking for info about other artists doing R&B around the world. Thanks to the recommendation of a friend I found about Taeyang through Youtube and when I wanted to know more about his bio and music I found “Always TaeYang”. I was really impressed by the quality of his work, just  flawless in terms of production. I’ve had the opportunity to work on my career  in USA and the truth is that Kpop is at the same level of the USA standard, and that’s a high quality standard. I really like Taeyang’s music and I can identify with his style: classy, sophisticated and current at the same time. So I decided to write spanish lyrics and make a cover of “Wedding Dress”. He’s the living proof that a great career is possible coming from any place in the world if you have the courage to follow your dreams and to work hard to make it happen. He has really inspired me for that. I want to thank you all for all the great support and for the awesome work your are doing at “Always Tae Yang. 

Question: Which song would you like me to cover next?
My very best!
Fernando ★ “

Thanks Fernando! If you’re a cover artist and interested in being featured on ATY, email me =)