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What’s your favorite track?

Yes the most generic question, but a very important one.  It seems like we’re all across the board in terms what we think is the best track is off of Taeyang’s new “SOLAR” album.  Did “You’re My” pull your heart-strings?  Did “MOVE” or “Break Down” make you move more? Vote!

*I’m evil.  I’m making you pick only one. keke.  Pick the one you’re feeling the most at the moment.

What’s mine?  Read under the cut…if you even care. lol. Plus English translations for the track!

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[Eng subs] Mnet Comeback Special interview with Taeyang

{Download}Mnet Comeback Special with Taeyang

*Sorry, our video was removed on Youtube

Oh Taeyang~ you’re so good to your noona and you have a gorgeous body!
You could tell he’s gotten much better at interviews, no more is the man who was shy or nervous, now he’s laughing and joking around. Loving it~ Thank you to our new translator – Slyvia – who has joined us on ATY as a translator for helping with this video 🙂

Beyond Hot: Big Bang’s Taeyang to Launch Sultry New Solo Album ‘Solar’ on iTunes Worldwide

(SEOUL KR) : K-Pop creative agency, DFSB Kollective, has just released details on the upcoming schedule of YG Entertainment’s latest Big Bang solo effort, Taeyang’s ‘Solar’.

On July 2nd, Taeyang will debut his silky smooth new R&B single, ‘I Need a Girl’ on iTunes Music Stores worldwide. By July 15th, he will roll out the international launch of his long awaited, full length album, ‘Solar’, complete with a special edition 15 page digital booklet and ‘I Need a Girl’ music video featuring Big Bang heartbreaker, G-Dragon, and 2NE1 starlet, Sandara Park.
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Meet the winner of ATY’s Album Giveaway!

Last night I secretly emailed the winner an email so if you haven’t gotten an email from me, I’m sorry!  But thank you for participating in the giveaway. I hope you all had fun while you waited for Taeyang’s album to drop.  We had a total of 4000 entries from all the 6 rounds!  You international fans know how to win a free album.  Speaking of international, thank you for making me proud.  We had entries from all over!  Asia and the USA, as expected, but there were also entries from New Zealand, Hungary, the U.A.E., the United Kingdom, Norway, Brazil, Portugal, and more!  Taeyang fans representing the world.

This was the steps I took in determining the winner:

  • For each round, I went through the list of entires and deleted all the ones with the wrong answer or duplicate entries from the same person or entries that were submitted after the deadline.
  • I then compiled all the entires onto one big spreadsheet (Excel) and assigned numbers to them.
  • Next, I picked a random number using RANDOM.ORG and matched that up with the entry with the same number associated with it. 

I’m pleased to announce the winner of the giveaway: Annie!  A 16-year old from California where she gets all the sun she wants!  Here is what she has to say about Taeyang: “I love everything about Taeyang, what’s not to love? He has that amazing voice that gives me chills and the personality that makes me fall for him. Everytime Taeyang smiles, it’s like the sun shining at you, it gives you a happy spring feeling. He is very well mannered and kind plus gentle, he deserves the best of this world. He always gives out different auras, when he’s on stage, he appears sexy, strong and intense. But in life, he’s always shy, quiet and very nice but also charming! and always dancing with energy. What can I say? he’s the SOL of my life ;D”

Again thank you for participating in ATY’s first giveaway.  If you didn’t get the album, I still hope you go out and buy it to support Taeyang.  Thank you for all your love and support towards the blog.  This was our gift to you!

07.01.10 – Taeyang M!Countdown Comeback!

*Pictures added under the cut!

For all those who missed it live, the comeback stage performances!

After watching this performance, I am somewhat satisfied with my need to have choreography in the music video because I think Taeyang dually delivered with this performance. I loved the use of the stage, his vocals were clear and strong and lots of nice chemistry!
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TaeYang’s 1st full length album ‘Solar’ #1 on real time music charts after release

TaeYang’s first full length album goes up to the #1 spot on realtime music chart as soon as it is revealed.

According to music site Monkey3, the title song ‘I Need A Girl’ off the album went up to the #1 spot on their real time chart as soon as it was revealed on 1st July. Other songs off the album like ‘Break down’, ‘Just a feeling’, ‘You’re my, ‘After You Sleep’ are also very well received by music fans, up on the top 10 rankings on realtime music charts

The title song ‘I Need A Girl’ also features Big Bang member GDragon. The Monkey 3 team contents team leader commented, “We see that the popularity for ‘I Need A Girl’ is going to surpass ‘Just Look At Me’. At the same time, other than the title song, other songs on the album is also going up our charts fast. For the first half of this year, there was no singer who stayed at the #1 on the chart for more 3 weeks. All eyes are on whether TaeYang will be able to break the record.”

Translations: Kbites

How can I watch Taeyang rock the stage on live Korean TV?

Many of you have expressed your enthusiasm about wanting to watch Taeyang’s performance LIVE as it is aired on Korean television.  Usually we watch as a group and have a concurrent spazz fest/party in the chat box so make sure you join us.  And because we’re so awesome, here’s the quick and dirty guide on how to stream Korean television live on the web.  Please read carefully.

Anyone remember this?

If you have anything to add, please share with us.  Thank you!

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The Sun is About To Rise……

*MV Updates – Sources says “I Need a Girl” will be released at 6 PM KST. I will have it up soon if you’re wondering where to watch so keep checking ATY

The Countdown is on…….

The anticipation is killing me. D-Day has finally arrived fellow Taeyang fans. After a year of blood, sweat and tears our Sunshine is back and better than ever. “Are You Ready for SOLAR? Are You Ready for SOLAR?”