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[Blast from the Past] YOZM Interview: “How is Taeyang doing?” (100914)


We never had a chance to translate this interview back when it was first released in 2010 since it was so long (though we did post Daum’s summary article based on it along with the superb photographs.) There’s a lot of interesting little details for fans in the original interview though. Daum had gathered questions from fans and picked 30 of them for this informal interview which covers everything from the personal to the professional. I loved the way it gives a glimpse of the more casual and human side of Taeyang. Enjoy!

YOZM: If there is a chance to meet your fans for a day, what do you want to do? (Actually they would already have a long list^^) It’s not easy to meet them outside of stages.
Taeyang: I really want to go camping with them for few days. Like rent a bus and go all together.

The funniest behavior in your life…
I do silly things a lot. I like hiding somewhere and then showing up all of a sudden. (*Actually he was hiding behind the sofa when we arrived at the interview venue.) If there’s a closet in the waiting room, I hide in there all the time. I like those things a lot. I found more and more people understand and enjoy my humor nowadays. So surprising….

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Subbed “Making Of” Taeyang MVs from the Solar International DVD

The great team over at bbvipchannel have subbed the behind the scenes videos of the filming of Taeyang’s MVs which were included in the DVD of Solar International.

Check out their post here which includes streaming video and download links for Ma Girl, Look Only At Me, Prayer, I Need A Girl, Where U At and I’ll Be There.

What a great present on Taeyang’s birthday! Thank you bbvipchannel!

Solar on MBC FM4U’s “Blue Night”: Music Commentary 9 (130112)

From MBC FM4U’ s radio program Blue Night, hosted by Jung Yeop from Brown Eyed Soul along with the singer Nine9 from Dear Cloud.

 Blue Night is a daily evening music program that runs a special segment on Saturdays called Music commentary 9 .  The hosts introduce recommended albums and play all the tracks.   One feature they do is to arrange the key words about the memories, feeling and vibes that they get from the music and then make a sentence about it. The program has featured the following artists recently: Nine9, Yoo Jae Ha, Deulgukhwa, Lee Sora, Rollacoaster, Stevie Wonder, Lee Moon Sae, Jung Yeop, Yoon Sang and Strange People. 

[Note: The full songs were not included in this recording to shorten the upload. ]


Nine9 :   I am really excited for today’s album.

Jung Yeop :  Me too. As usual, I haven’t mentioned anything about what today’s album is.  I’m looking forward to what kind of beautiful sentence will be made this week again. Oh could you introduce today’s album first, Ms. Nine?

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[Feature] 8th KMA nominees for R&B/Soul

Since we’ve gotten a few requests to do so, we’d like to highlight all the nominees for the R&B and Soul Category in the run up to the 8th Korean Music Awards on February 23.  It’s one of the strongest R&B line-ups in years and any one of them would be a worthy winner.  Feast your ears on these candidates up for Best Song. (Each of the candidates for best song are also on the list for best album.  And the albums are equally good – I highly recommend R&B lovers check them out when you have the time.)

1.  진보 (Jinbo)  – U R (Album: Afterwork)

The rest of the songs, including our boy, under the cut…
(Updated with the winners )

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Junon Magazine for March 2011 : 10 Questions for SOL

Q1. What are the highlights of SOL’s 1st (HOT) & 2nd (SOLAR) concerts ?

HOT was the first solo concert after I released my first mini-album. You can see the “20 year-old SOL” with all the songs from HOT album.

SOLAR concert was after I released my first album. With SOLAR, you can see the present SOL. Because there were moments with sharing [emotions], excitement, laughter and tears, it became a concert that will stay in my memory for a long time. I hope it became a nice gift for the fans who experienced it with me together and for all of the fans who love my music and stage.

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Wedding Dress and A New Focus

Through Big Bang’s BIG SHOW 3D Premier on Feb 28th. YG reveled Taeyang’s performance of Wedding Dress, which wasn’t included in the originally DVD.

Cr:DYBLGE on youtube

One thing I noticed was this features Taeyang  focusing less on the choreography during performances and more on the vocals, which is something he has been focusing on all last year. Dancing is known as Taeyang’s forte, and what distinguish him from a lot of other artists, however he seems to be focusing on singing more and trying different singing techniques, which he showed on SOLAR.

More under the cut
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