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We have been asking, hoping and praying for a SOLAR concert DVD and until recently all we had was news of the Japanese version and nothing at all on a Korean version.

However, YG seems to have answered our prayers cause it’s here and it’s glorious. The Korean version with English subtitles. It contains 3  disks including a live album.

Pre-Order: 2011.01.07 – 2011.01.25
Where to buy: YGe-shop, online & offline stores
Release: 2011.01.26
Price: 33,000 won (approximately $30, but prices will vary depending on your seller)
Album Configuration:
– DVD 2 Discs (Concert & Making of), Live Concert CD, & 80-page photobook
– YG Family card
– poster


Entertainment Weekly ranks SOLAR #3

In September Taeyang had a 2 day concert to celebrate the end of SOLAR promotions.

cr: Bigbangupdates and DCYB for the video

From the fancams and fanaccounts we could tell it was an amazing concert and it seems we are not the only ones. Entertainment Magazine listed SOLAR concert as the 3rd best concert of the year. Psy’s concert was #1 and DJ Doc’s at #2.

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Solar Concert DVD Where U At?

For those who are interested, a special limited edition Japanese release of Taeyang/SOL’s concert DVDs will begin selling on January 26, 2011. It will contain both the DVD for HOT (Concert in 2008) and Solar (Concert in September 2010), a “Making Of” DVD  and a 40-page photobook. The DVD will be Region 2 all-region but will not have English subtitles. It is now available for pre-order at Yesasia.

Update as of Dec 24: Amazon JP is also offering the special Japanese release on pre-order, but lists the DVDs as Region 2 only.  Since YesAsia has different information on their site at the time of this posting, we suggest that those ordering through YesAsia confirm the DVD format before finalizing their purchase.  We will also make updates on this post as they become available.

Update as of Feb: YesAsia has changed the product specifications to Region 2.

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