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Like Big Bang MV, Seungri pokes fun at Taeyang

Hey guys, sorry we’re been a bit behind on the updates here because of the project. We’ll get right back on track soon enough. Remember to send in your birthday messages if you haven’t already!
I found this music video hilarious enough and had to post because of Seungri and his dating dilema (don’t blame Taeyang!)~~ If you haven’t seen it, check it out….

[Photos] YB & Big Bang Cyon Crystal

Oh, I just love photoshoots!!~
Cyon just released some more sexy picture of YB and Big Bang.
~ you can find all these in their full size in the GALLERY
Also, an update about “Strong Heart” – it will not be aired Dec 22nd anymore, instead it will be a New Year Special aired in January 2010 (filming is taking place Dec 13)

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[COD] Taeyang & Seungri Cyon Crystal CF


Taeyang, why do you get me giggling like a schoolgirl all the ti[me?? You’re Adorkable~!

I laughed so hard at the part where he tries to cover himself with the book~~not to mention, Taeyang lying on the floor, all cute and innocent reading his little book, makes the inner fangirl in me want to attack him~  okay, I’ll stop here LOL…

SR is firmly feeling that YB has a girl friend and YB is saying “NO”. But after all YB admits and says “How did you know that?” (thanks Myokoon)

Gifs under the cut!~~
Also check out Daesung’s under the cut – he’s so funny, gotta love the boy.
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Taeyang to appear on Strong Heart + LG Cyon Filming Pics

OMG. Who was there in the chatbox when I was spazzing about Taeyang needing to be on a variety show!!?
This is very exciting news since Taeyang ever rarely agrees to do Variety Shows, and if you haven’t watched Kang Shim Jang (aka. Strong Heart) I strongly suggest checking it out~!!

Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung are scheduled to be on December 3rd! December 22nd Christmas Special~ hopefully this is true and not a rumor because I am so stoked….

Secondly, LG Cyon just recently some new pictures of a phone CF the boys are going to be in~~ Taeyang looks as cute as ever chilling on the couch…..it seems he’s been smiling at a lot more these past couple of days *phew* I was starting to get worried before….Check em Out.

*Click to Enlarge…

Also, Kay is looking for some GRAPHICS ARTISTS. If you are interested and have some Poshop chops (Photoshop~) then please email me as soon as possible (sweetsorrow18@hotmail.com)
In your email, please send me something you have done (either attach it or link it).

D-3: Picture Spam!!

Day 3
Time goes by…so slowly….how you guys holding up? I’m in a full midterm (exam) season, so it’s keep me busy, although the wait for this weekend is killing me…and I’m excited about more than one thing, which you guys will find out about soon enough …  🙂

So I’m here with some YUMMY new photos from Big Bang’s recent Lotte Duty Free photo shoot. Man, I got a bit teary looking at these pictures….THE BOYS HAVE GROWN UP! ~ They all look so good and so mature…ah~

My fav:

^ He’s got that look on his face like ” You can run, but you can’t hide from my sexiness”

More under the cut….

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Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart) Taeyang cut subbed!

Taeyang was recently mentioned on the first episode of Kang Shim Jang or Strong Heart. The show features a huge list of artists; this episode had a bunch of A-lists including Tablo & Mithra (Epik High), Mc Mong, Brian (from FTTS) Baek Ji Young and many others.

The episode was especially interesting when they all started talking about pushing album dates after hearing Big Bang releasing their album…Taeyang’s solo comeback (December) was talked about! (haha…Brian’s reaction~)

I love Tablo & Mc Mong for knowing their Taeyang news!

Thank you myokoon for helping translate this clip super fast!


SBS Chuseok Idol Big Show

It was a great day for kVIPs today, who had the opportunity to see Big Bang perform together on stage after 10 months of prolonged non-stage activities. You bet I was really excited ~lol.

Here’s a clip of the How Gee+ “dance battle” – I was hoping it would be more of a face off, rather they just gathered in a circle and danced, but still…Taeyang got air time~~ also got to see Minzy showing her moves (my fav from 2NE1 and unarguably the best dancer out of the quad)….did u catch those awesome ad-libs during the How Gee chorus by Tae!? LOVE EM.

I’m so sad…no Daesung!

Does anyone know if they performed Last Farewell as well?

2NE1 and BB performing Last Farewell

^ I think I actually got a bit teary seeing them together on stage (I’m still sad there’s no Daesung). As much as I don’t love their new music much or their style lately….they’ll still always be my loves. The first group that ever got me into Kpop, group who showed me Taeyang and really…a good group of guys who – and I still want to believe this – love music.

New Japan release, MV filming fanpics

I thought I’d post these up here because they’ve been circulating on numerous sites. It is uncertain whether these pictures are from Taeyang’s new MV filming (in which case I’m going to be pissed off because again, Taeyang has to share MV space with the boys) or Big Bang is planning some type of Japanese/Korean release with a video. Either way, I am interested to know what’s going on and am waiting on some insight from Taeyang-VIP fans….on a happier note, glad to see Daesung healthy and well!~

Thanks tofu for the link…. thanks georgie for the confirmation – Indeed, it is NOT the filming for YB’s album.

^ this one made me laugh. I’m a little immature, but I felt like putting word bubbles on this picture that goes something like….

TOP: I think I’ll practice my assassin skills for IRIS *drops silent bomb*
Taeyang: *Must..hold…breath…*
Random man: Taeyangshii, I like your perfume. Where can I get it?
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