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[COD]Taeyang & his littlest fan – HaRang!

Taeyang, HaRang, HaEum, and Sean

We haven’t  had one of these in a while have we?  Recently Sean from JinuSean took his two little ones to watch Taeyang perform on Inkigayo (07/11) and snapped a picture to commemorate.  Look at lil HaRang’s swagga.  He learns it from the best Taeyang and his poppa, Sean, himself.  I think he’s even rocking a Chrome Hearts t-shirt too! (I could be wrong)  If we didn’t know better, we would think Youngbae and HaRang were father and son.

HaRang, watch out boy.  Some of these fangirls, like me, are all ready to jump you.

Source: Sean’s Cyworld + Stardaisy212 on Twitter