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Taeyang duet on SBS Fantastic Duo Episode 2 (160424)

It was inevitable with a show called “Fantastic Duo” that Bigbang’s immortal dance jam would be called into service as a theme of sorts. Taeyang repped his boys admirably, turning the studio into a mini concert with some of his fans.  (I’ll forever be amused at the fanboys….)

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Taeyang Rehearsal Photos from SBS’ You & I

Who is ready for the You & I broadcast with Big Bang on March 18?  (waves – I am!)  A good number of spoilers have been going around and I’ve been sitting on my hands to keep from sharing them till the broadcast is done. Will have to save my spazzing till later!

In the meantime, these lovely photos shall have to suffice…

More below the cut.

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SBS Big Bang Comeback Special: Alive (120309) – Updated (and with subbed video)

SBS aired a few performances from the recently concluded Big Show 2012 along with some behind the scenes clips and interviews with the members about the comeback.

Some of the performance cuts were also uploaded on the YG Concert youtube channel:

Fantastic Baby

More below the cut (including the full eng subbed video of the special):

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SBS Music Festival today/tonight!

Kpopflash is streaming this show live (this is another way to watch in addition to the ways we have provided)
1) Go to http://kpopflash.net/
2) Look at the time on the top right – you want to tune in at 9:55 pm – the clock is following korean time
3) Go to Stream  at the top of the website
4) The Live stream of the show should begin when it is 9:55 pm

Is anyone else YB-deprived like I am?  Two weeks without a performance? 

Well, lucky for us there’s SBS Music Festival tonight.   Tae Yang is performing “Wedding Dress,” “Where U At” and some sort of special performance.   Probably sharing the stage with some other artists.  I know some (many) of you would like to stream it live so here is some information about the show:

WHEN: 9:55pm or around 10pm Korean Time.  Be sure to convert this to your time zone.  Beware this is not the same time as Inkigayo…It’s much later.  Use the time converter to figure out when you would have to be online to stream: Time Converter

HOW: We’ve detailed some instructions on our previous post: Streaming Tutorial


  • Get on early, before the show starts because this is a really popular show, many people are going to be streaming it.
  • For Windows Media Player this works best: FILE>>OPEN URL> copy and paste this into the feild:  mms://
  • It’s a looooong show.  Grab some popcorn or have stuff to do meanwhile.
  • If you have a question, there’s probably someone in the ChattYBox willing to answer your question, unless none of us decide to watch it, then sorry. 

Anyone else planning to stream it?  If not, that’s okay because ATY will have Tae Yang’s performances up as fast as we can get our hands on them.

Happy Watching!

Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart) Taeyang cut subbed!

Taeyang was recently mentioned on the first episode of Kang Shim Jang or Strong Heart. The show features a huge list of artists; this episode had a bunch of A-lists including Tablo & Mithra (Epik High), Mc Mong, Brian (from FTTS) Baek Ji Young and many others.

The episode was especially interesting when they all started talking about pushing album dates after hearing Big Bang releasing their album…Taeyang’s solo comeback (December) was talked about! (haha…Brian’s reaction~)

I love Tablo & Mc Mong for knowing their Taeyang news!

Thank you myokoon for helping translate this clip super fast!


SBS Chuseok Idol Big Show

It was a great day for kVIPs today, who had the opportunity to see Big Bang perform together on stage after 10 months of prolonged non-stage activities. You bet I was really excited ~lol.

Here’s a clip of the How Gee+ “dance battle” – I was hoping it would be more of a face off, rather they just gathered in a circle and danced, but still…Taeyang got air time~~ also got to see Minzy showing her moves (my fav from 2NE1 and unarguably the best dancer out of the quad)….did u catch those awesome ad-libs during the How Gee chorus by Tae!? LOVE EM.

I’m so sad…no Daesung!

Does anyone know if they performed Last Farewell as well?

2NE1 and BB performing Last Farewell

^ I think I actually got a bit teary seeing them together on stage (I’m still sad there’s no Daesung). As much as I don’t love their new music much or their style lately….they’ll still always be my loves. The first group that ever got me into Kpop, group who showed me Taeyang and really…a good group of guys who – and I still want to believe this – love music.