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Jang Woo-Cheol Column (130417) : A Singer’s Place

Writer and GQ Editor Jang Woo Cheol has  interviewed Taeyang for GQ many times in the past and most recently included the interview titled Dong Young Bae’s Spring  in his  book “Here and There”.  The following post is a column he did for Naver.


When the season changes, so does the kind of music you want to hear. It’s not just the song that achieved an “all kill” today, but that particular song that comes to mind out of the blue, almost inescapably. Suppose you are enjoying the quiet passing scenery to Kim Jung-Mi’s ‘Spring,’ but then you want to note the fine details of that scenery to Jo Weol’s ‘Fireworks.’ It’s like having your own personal soundtrack. Or listening to David Bowie’s new song, ‘Where Are We Now?’ and fantasizing about stopping the flow of time…

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(Updated with Eng Subs) Taeyang cameos on Kpop Star

Taeyang and 2ne1’s Minzy joined YG President Yang Hyung Suk on the February 12 Episode of SBS’ singing competition Survival Audition – Kpop Star to give the 2nd round contestants being mentored by YG some advice on performance and stage manner.

Thanks to YGSRASubs for the upload and subs!

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