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RISE Album Sampler: ACCA, INST and MR Versions from YG Music

Check this playlist for samples of instrumental, acapella and MR versions of all the songs on RISE.

Each song version is available on itunes and Genie music.  Of course, full digital versions are available on itunes and other online outlets (also check these links on where to get the Korean and Japanese physical versions.)

Rise Tour in Fukuoka (140823-24)

Thanks so much to @MShinju for the fanaccounts!

Day 1

YB was really energetic today in Fukuoka. He danced very passionately, using the elevations on stage (where the band members are standing)

In the Q&A corner, he answered the typical “if I don’t ask this I’ll die on my way home”-questions.

First was a girl in 3rd row left side.

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Taeyang on Fuji TV’s Sakigake Ongakubanzuke Eight (140814)

alternative upload here.  BBVIPchannel has english subs here (registration required.)

Many thanks to the uploader!

LOL – It’s Guerilla Date with Animals! (And a particularly flirty llama…) We were going to wait till this was subbed to post, but finally figured not to wait to share this since it can be appreciated all on its own (as many have already seen for themselves.)  This is probably my favorite on camera interview of his – he looks so happy and comfortable. There’s just no end to the cuteness of this Rise promo…

Taeyang’s comment and CF for RISE [+Solar & HOT] Album in Japan

“Hello everyone! This is SOL. My Japanese solo debut album will be released on August 13 called RISE [+Solar & HOT]. It’s the album I’ve worked on with all my heart for a long time. Please listen to it! Then, see you guys on the tour!”

Thanks solysombra0518 for the translation!

See more details about the album and where to buy it here.

More video after the cut.

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[Interview] One, Two TAEYANG (F.ound Magazine July 2014)

One, Two

Editor: Seo Ok-Seon

Taeyang has released his second solo album . His first full album came out in 2010. The year has changed four times, and love has passed by once.

Found Online1

How have you been?

Well, since last time? (Laughs)
Ah… I basically just worked on my album for the past four years.

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