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Tae Yang got Rhythm!…or Rhythmer.net Award.

Image Credit: BBVIPZ

What a year it has been for Tae Yang!  Again, he’s nominated for the Rhythmer.net Award 2008.  From what it looks, Rhythmer.net is a website or community that is dedicated exclusively to Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B music.   It seems like a really low-key award.   The award has two divisions: international and domestic, or American and Korean.  Look at the list of nominees, I feel this award is pretty legitimate and credible as well.   Tae Yang is nominated for the Best R&B/Hip-Hop Album, Best R&B/Hip-Hop Artist, and Korean Music Video of the Year. (for Prayer MV.) And Teddy is also nominated for Producer as well.  Congratulations to both.

Check out at Rhythmer.netMake sure to vote for Tae Yang on the poll.

Considering this is just his first solo album, and he promoted only for about 2 months, Tae Yang has accomplished incredible achievements.  For once I’m not so sad that Tae Yang isn’t popular because both these recent award nomination indicated how respected he is in the music world and among other music professionals.

To echo everyone here, it doesn’t matter if he wins or not, I just hope that all this encourages Tae Yang to continue to not just make music, but music that is true and honest to him.  I’m really looking forward to his second album.