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Taeyang Photos! (Magazines, Previews et.al.)

That’s Taeyang on the June cover of L’Officiel Hommes Korea coming out on May 21st!
(From LofficielHommes on twitter)

A little late, but we decided to round up a bunch of Taeyang’s latest photos from all over for an extra concentrated dose of YB-goodness.

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Tae Yang is a piece of art

Yes yes, we know this boy is gorgeous, but literally!  Tae Yang was featured in photographer, Hong Jang Hyun’s peice for NIKE’s AW77 HOODIE ON MOMENT Exhibition at the Hyundai Gallery, rocking a red hoodie from the famous brand.   Hong Jang Hyun has previously worked for fashion editorials in magazines such as Vogue Korea and W Korea.  I’m curious to how Tae Yang was selected for this project.

Source: http://mrsense.tistory.com/2191 & YBMania

^^I know this is really trivial, but I love streetwear & NIKE, so Tae Yang is extra chocolate and whipped cream on top.  There’s some great pieces in the rest of the photos.  Check it out.

And Tae Yang’s biggest guitar-playing fangirl, IU more than agrees.  This is the most public full-on fangirling from another artist I have ever seen.

Source: elavip2@youtube

The girl got into a fit of spazzed-out laughing and lost all of her professionalism (she’s the host of the show) when she talked about her “Tae Yang-oppa.”  I almost died laughing from watching her myself.

What does she keep saying while hold her thumbs up?  “schting cha?” Adorable as heck.