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“I’m going now, to eat!” : Taeyang has dinner with a fan on V-live (150909)

TRANS by @ShrimpLJY Ye-oun and her parents, thank you. I ate well !”

V-live is running a series of individual broadcasts for each of the Bigbang members every Wednesday in September through Naver’s V streaming App.  Taeyang selected a special fan to visit at her home and had fun over a delicious home cooked meal.  See the adorable visit on the V-App here.   It’s already subbed!

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BIGBANG counts down to “BANG BANG BANG” (150601)

Bigbang released the “A-series” set of singles from their 5 month roll-out of MADE. See the video for BANGBANGBANG which can only be described as being “BIGBANG.” The boys are gonna kill the lives.

More video from Naver Starcast below the cut.

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Star Timeline: “Youngbae’s Music” :Taeyang devotes half his life to music

No stars just drop from the sky. This applies especially to a K-Pop star whose stage is the world. To become a star, they spend 3 to 4 years of patience and hard work. Training in teenage years is harsher than anything. During these years of training, countless youths quit, being unable to handle the merciless pressure placed upon them. They tuck away their dreams, half willingly and half due to tough reality.

The same harsh years were placed upon Taeyang (Dong Young Bae, aged 26) the lead vocalist of BIGBANG. As a trainee, he fought against himself at the YG Entertainment Headquarters in Seoul Hapjeong for 6 years—that’s 2190 days, or 5256 hours. He chose this path in 6th grade, when he could have spent the years hanging out with friends or doing mischievous things. That’s why he was even more determined. He never tried to cheat, and his 6 years were filled with honest hard work. And his hard work paid off. In 2006 he made a debut as a member of BIGBANG, and now he stands at the top, shining bright.

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[STARCAST] “Is this tattoo real?” Tae-yang’s 1mm at waiting room (131112)

Just reposting because of the cuuuuuuuute:

Naver Inkigayo

My name is T to the A to the E (to the)
Y to the A N G

Hello, all. This is Tae-yang. I’m saying hello to you as a solo singer Tae-yang, not a member of ‘Big Bang’ today. Have you listened to my new album ‘RINGA LINGA’? The album was released in three years since ‘I Need a Girl’ in 2010. It is a strong hip-hop song.

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