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Big Bang rocks the night on Music Station!

We’re all more than a little bit YB and BB deprived these days, so I was glad to see their performance on Music Station, not to mention the lovely close-ups of our Taeyang (I like this camera man~). They did a pretty good job, Dae voice sounded shaky at the beginning, and Seungri wasn’t coming up “strong” for me, Bae saves the day by his impeccable vocals (or maybe I just always hear perfection when he sings ~lol)..as usual TOP is doing a lot of screaming and “BIG BAM” -ing and G-Dragon…well, he keeps reminding me of the dragon from Mulan “Mushu” – lol…

C: syabon5664

Anyone else think Bae is looking skinnier these days? I don’t see the bulky arms anymore, they’re quite skinny or maybe its what he wearing…..I want his Bae-licious body back!!

Btw, thanks to everyone who is voting on the Big Bang diromo for us! We’ve jumped up 5 spots in the last couple of days…remember, you can vote once a day! ——————>