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Big Bang got their Fantastic Cray-on at MAMA 2012

The awards are pretty much beside the point (though congrats BB for winning “Best Male Group” and “Artist of the Year”) – its all about spectacular performances at the MAMAs.  Despite the usual MAMA tradition of shoddy sound mixing, Big Bang managed to bring an exciting and fun performance with a mash-up of “Fantastic Baby” and G-dragon’s “Crayon.”

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MAMA 2010: Fancams + Fan Account!

As you guys all know Taeyang did an epic performance on MAMA on Sunday Nov. 28th.  We already posted the broadcast version of his performance but since that night all the lucky fans who got to be there have been uploading fancam after fancam and even a few fanaccounts. Here is the night from those who were there.


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Update on the MAMAs: Taeyang is performing!

MAMA logo

The MNET Asian Music Awards have finally confirmed that Taeyang is on its list of performers for the 2010 ceremony to be held on November 28, 2010 at the Venetian in Macau.

The ceremony will be broadcast on Mnet in Korea at 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm KST.   There is a good chance that a local station or cable network in your area might be broadcasting the show – check here for details.  The show will also be streamed online (7-10 pm KST) at the following sites:

Korea http://www.mnet.com
China http://www.sohu.com
Other http://www.allkpop.com

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Mnet MAMA Awards 2009 – Taeyang & GD Special Stage!

[Update] Sharing Love Concert is on tonight (Sunday afternoon, 4PM Korea) instead of SBS Inkigayo. Taeyang will be performing. As usual, use the time converter to see when its on, and also you can watch live with TVants on the same SBS channel.

Alright, so i’m sure the chatbox people have much to say since alot of them watched the entire thing, myself on the other hand woke up at the perfect time to watch it live….and the performance was great!!

Here’s how it went:

GD- Heartbreaker

GD, boy, I don’t even know what to say about that hair….

Taeyang – Where U At & Wedding Dress

omo, omo omo….Taeyang! He did a really good job, although I wish he didn’t sing while trying to do those dance moves in Where u At because of what happened in Wedding Dress…poor baby. He looked really tired but THE BACKFLIP was so cool!!~~~ Mr. Sexy in Black…loved it (minus the rubber boots). AND stupid MNET messed up the sound system!!!!

GDYB – Korean Dream

Okay, so the song is more bearable when they’re performing, but still, not my fav song. BUT I liked the performance. The color concept was real good, and the little bit at the end when they each screamed out each others name…AW BROMANCE. LOL

Let’s get in the MAMA mood, shall we?

Alot of people are debating whether to watch the MAMA’s (formerly known as MKMF) live or not. I’m one of them. As much as I love my kpop goodness, is it really worth my sleep. LOL I know I complain now but I’m probably going to be up 5 AM watching with you all.

As usual, feel free to use the chatbox to party it up~ Tofu or I will randomly make appearances….possibly…maybe…

Lets get some questions out of the way~

Can we watch live – YES (to determine your time, look on the right side under “Upcoming Events”)
You can watch on TVants, look for the “KOREA>Mnet” channel it will be airing on that. Other possibly ways to watch have been giving by some generous people in the chatbox…so here they are:

If you know of any other ones, please post it in your comment to help people out.

The Nominee’s are posted below the cut along with my votes and predictions 🙂

Also, the tenative performance list I have found for GDYB goes like this:

Yb will perform Wedding Dress then go to Where U At
GD will perform Breathe, Butterfly and then A Boy
GD with Heartbreaker and then YB comes in to perform Korean Dream

^ My speculation is that they will be last, but i can’t be sure…Korean Dream is a good closing song~

If you’ve just recently gotten into Big Bang or Taeyang, here’s how the MKMF (now MAMA) went down last year:

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