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I’m “HOT” for you Pt. 2

So, ya’ll voted for the clip the you wanted to see from Tae Yang’s “HOT” Concert DVD and I’ve kept my promise.  There was a tie between “My Girl” and “Make Love.”  I had a  hard time deciding which one to upload,  so I finally came up with the brilliant idea of uploading one onto Dailymotion for ya’ll to stream and one to download.   Since “My Girl” was leading the entire time, that performance will be for download.  But before we start downloading, here are certain things to keep in mind:

+Like sweetsorrow, I’m making this a Always Tae Yang Exclusive. Please do not redistribute.  Link here.
+This is for personal watching.  Please do not re-upload. If you must, since I can’t really do anything to you, please at least credit. (tofu&alwaystaeyang.wordpress)
+My only intention is to promote Tae Yang’s Concert DVD.  I hope the clip will encourage you to buy it.  Yesasia. DVDHeaven.

Make Love ft. Kush

My Girl at “HOT” Concert [.wmv file, 119 MB, HQ]
Credits: YG Entertainment & tofu@alwaystaeyang.wordpress

*Download has been also added to the Goodies section*