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Lyle Beniga gives a shoutout to Taeyang on Arirang TV (120918)

One of our favorite people here on ATY, choreographer and dancer Lyle Beniga, recently had some more-than-kind things to say about Taeyang in an interview with Arirang TV.

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“Where U At” demo was originally in English?

And this is why you should visit ATY more often if you’re not a frequent blogger (lol) because only here you’ll get such juicy information as this~

Back in March, one of the ATY visitors attended the Korean Night event hosted by Shaun and Lyle where they taught both “Where U At” and “Wedding Dress”. Anyway, here is the interesting part, according the Shaun and Lyle, the track that had been sent to them for choreography was a demo version where Taeyang was singing in English. A specific example our blogger remembers Shaun and Lyle speaking of, is the part where Taeyang says “day and night, high and low”, in the English version he says “pick up the fight” – hence the sort of “punch” like steps in the choreography.

Thanks to Teresa for emailing in this interesting bit of information!

It’s exciting to know that there is possibly an English version sitting there recorded by Taeyang originally… Where did it go? Why’d they record it? Maybe it was for fun? Or maybe YG has more grander plans in store (as Tofu would say “World Domination”)?

Shaun & Lyle to teach WD & WUA Choreo

All you lucky Taeyang fans in Cali, you have the chance to meet Lyle Beniga and Shaun Evaristo at TM Dance Studio where they’ll be teaching “Wedding Dress” and “Where U At” !
Makes me wanna hop on a plane and fly down there, not for the dance because I’ve got two left feet, but because I’ve got a little crush on Lyle *blush* and I bow down to Shaun *bows* haha. I’d just wanna stare at them for being so close to Taeyang. Anyway, check em out!

Website: http://tmdance.org/Korean_Night_Event.html

Thank you jeannuxu for the tip~

Backstage at Inkigayo+Live perf INFO

Thanks to everyone who came by the blog yesterday for some Taeyang lovin’ – we had 11,410 people on from around the world!

SBS released some new pics of GDYB and Tae, Shaun and Lyle together before they performance of Where U At on SBS Inkigayo =)

Also, for those wondering how to watch SBS Inkigayo LIVE tonight, visit this LINK
To find out what time SBS Inkigayo* will be on for you, visit this LINK
*SBS Inkigayo airs 4:00 pm on Sundays

There will be a chatbox party TONIGHT for the performance, so make sure to come out and JOIN!!

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Message from mrYG about Tae Yang’s solo


To check when the music video will be released in your time zone, use THIS
It will be released on Gomtv, you can see YG’s channel HERE*Scroll down to “NEW M/V” that’s where it will be.

Mr. Yang Hyun Suk (mrYG), CEO of YG Entertainment just released a statement on YGE’s official website talking about, among other things, Tae Yang’s upcoming solo comeback.  Here is a quick summary of what he said:

  • “Wedding Dress” will be released on November 13th as a digital single along with a music video. (At 11am Korean Time)
  • Unlike, “Where U At,” he will be promoting this songs through radio shows and TV broadcasts.
  • mrYG said he understands the fan’s frustrations regarding the lack of the company’s promotional efforts and “whines about how difficult it is to promote in this fast changing environment.  We speculate he’s referring to the problems he had with several broadcasting companies such as MBC/KBS during G-Dragon’s activities.  We predict as a consequence, Tae Yang will probably appear on SBS and Mnet shows only.
  • It was Tae Yang’s idea to release two digital singles before dropping the full album, probably in order to extend the length of his promotional period.
  • He mentioned that they are trying out a new promotional strategy and will promote as long as needed.
  • Shaun Evaristo and Lyle Beniga went to Korea a few weeks ago, not only to perform with Tae Yang, but to choreograph for “Wedding Dress” and the MV.
  • There was no mention of the actual album besides that “Where U At” is the first track and “Wedding Dress” is not the title track, which means Tae Yang will be promoting another song once the album is released.

And mrYG ends with: 모두들 안녕히 계세요.. 꾸벅 ~  (영배~  화! 이! 팅 !)

or “Goodbye everyone…With a bow ~ (Youngbae Fi! igh! ting!)”

Source: ygfamily.com

Thank you pgeorgie for most of the translations.

D-1!!! Are you ready? As always, party in the ChattYBox!  No need to remind because  you all would come anyways!

Lets all spazz over Young-beezy with IU (Eng Subbed Video)

IU ranks high on the list of my girl-crushes along with 4minute’s JiYoon.  Not only is she uber adorable, but mad talented.  And I don’t say it carelessly.  She’s kind of unique in the Kpop industry because she’s an incredibly disciplined and learned artist and she’s only 16!  Puts so many girl groups out there to shame.

And it’s not a secret that she’s a huge fan of Tae Yang and not to mention has a crush on him.  Check her out in our previous post.  Catch her and several other radio hosts gush and flip out over Tae Yang.

^^Adorable no? (Subbed video coming soon!)

[IU’s parts highlighted in bold]
Hahaha I love it!
Remind you of anyone?
I, uh, like TaeYang oppa of Big Bang.
Oh, my god!!!
Wow, really?
Oh, he’s a hottie. Masculine good looks.
And he has just the right amount of cuteness in his smiles…
You love him and it shows! You’re blushing!
You’re shy!
And you’re laughing so hard you can barely speak. Easy, girl. You’re going to blow out my eardrums.
Gosh, you’re hyperventilating.
OK, now’s your chance to say a word to TaeYang. Look, a patch of sunshine where you’re seated.
Alright. Hi, I hear that you’re coming out with a new single soon. I’m starting my promotions soon too. I wasn’t supposed to come out until a bit later but I insisted that my promotional period should coincide with yours.
So cute!
I’ll say hi to you like a real sweetie when I see you. Please be sweet to me, too.
Look at your face! All flushed. Just like a burning sun!
[Translated by pgeorgie]

Taken from : Basking In the Sun

Girl you have lots of competition!

*Note about the title: “Young-beezy” was what Lyle Beniga referred to Youngbae as in a recent tweet of his.  I loved it so I’m using it here.  YB, Lyle, and Shaun just finished another day of shooting.  It’s for “Wedding Dress” I presume.  I guess we can expect more tight, hot choreography from this MV as well.


D-6: And the Countdown Begins

Like most people here, I think we’re all counting down to the Taeyang’s (epic) Where U At performance. It will be the one and only performance for this song and contrary to what people may think regarding the discussion that took place yesterday, we are extremely happy about this. If we weren’t this blog wouldn’t even be here – but enough of that. I AM VERY EXCITED for this performance, and will be counting down the days along with everyone else here.

So for D-6, let me being with updates:

Lyle’s Twitter update just occurred a couple hours ago –

^ It’s even more exciting knowing Lyle and Shaun will be doing the performance with Taeyang. As much as I love YG’s resident backup dancers, Taeyang needs someone who can keep up with the pace of the choreo and what better than the people who choreographed it themselves? It’ll just add that extra OMPH to the whole performance.

For more about the tutorial – see below the cut…
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Taeyang making his comeback NEXT WEEK!?

I am uber confused, what is YG trying to do to us fans!?!?!!?!?!?
GD’s latest performance of “A Boy” on Inkigayo, revealed a surprise for Taeyang fans. At the end of his performance, he held up a sign that could only be seen as “Taeyang Comeback Next Week”…I looked into my source of KVIP-Tae fan and apparently HE IS coming back NEXT SUNDAY and it will be on SBS INKIGAYO . There are speculations on whether Shuan and Lyle will be joing him for the comeback, as they are in Amsterdam currently. Shaun and Aimee are heading down to Korea sometime soon – Shaun (October 20th, October 31st) and Aimee as well (most probably for Wedding Dress filming) – it is highly likely Lyle will be with them and they will be in the performance (thanks JG)


IF this is really his comeback song and YG had been lying to us the whole time then I am rather ANNOYED. I let go the fact that YG didn’t promote Where U At as much as he should have simply because it was not his comeback song, so I forgave YG for that, but if this is really what YB is coming back with then WHAT THE HELL YG. I’m sorry, but this bugs me. Maybe the surprise was part of the promotions? I don’t know…*mumbles to herself like a crazy woman*