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Lollipop 2 Photoshoot, oh my.

Taeyang is definately NOT Mr.ShyGuy anymore! I had to post this up because I almost screamed at the model Taeyang was hugging in this video clip. Yes, hugging. Don’t believe me..watch it!

I find it amusing how all the youtube comments are just YB fangirls going on about the hug. Gotta love Yb fans 😀

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My Lollipop Project Report by Oing

This is my translated version of an excerpt from “My Lollipop Project Report” posted by Oing on his/her blog. He (or she?) was one of the ad agency people who were responsible for the Lollipop project. I translated this because YG, Teddy and more importantly our YB/Taeyang were mentioned in a rather flattering manner:


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Sun & Sky
CREDIT: top-a-holic@soompi

So there’s a small rage over this “SUN&SKY” or “CLYB” coupling after the release of the “Lollipop” MV and videos.

It’s not uncommon for Big Bang fans or Kpop fans, in general, to take a small interaction between two artists and blow it up, and out of proportion at times. (ie WONDERBANG)  This time it’s between Youngbae and CL from 2NE1.

Match made in heaven?  Maybe: both got slick moves, have raw hip-hop running through their blood, and there’s definitely a little something-something between them in that .gif.   Good acting perhaps?

Love it or hate it?

Lollipop CF Making~ (& MV!)

This was too cute not to post…..
Bae and CL seem really comfortable…i love seeing him laughing and joking around

[EDIT]And the official Music Video:

A really cute and enjoyable collaboration between the two groups.  Tae Yang wins in this video! Tight dancing as always, but the song doesn’t do Tae Yang’s voice much justice.  Heck, the song doesn’t do any of them any justice.  Fun nonetheless.  And Tae Yang has a solo cut with the girls. LOL.  YG knows how to mess with us putting the girl-shy member with all the girls.

Lolli Lolli Lollipop….

^he loooks adorable…..seriously
so im rather interested in this new female group…apparently its official, they’re called “SISTA”  “21”
as requested by bb’s roni ~heres the new CF….im looking forward to something fresh from these girls, although Sandara’s hair was a bit too fresh for my taste…~lol

^btw…Bae has literally 1 millisecs of screen time alone…WHY!?
~forgive me, im bitter about BB these days…~Lol

you can listen to the full song here
Big Bang & 21 – Lollipop