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‘Eyes Nose Lips’ nominated for R&B Song of the Year at 12th Korean Music Awards.

KMA ENL Nomination

List of 12th Korean Music Awards Nominees for the R&B & Soul Song of the Year:

Crush – “Hug” (feat. Gaeko)

Zion.T – “양화대교

Jay Park – “올라타’” [Ride Me]

Alshain – “Start in You (feat Jinbo)”

Taeyang – “눈,코,입” (Eyes, Nose, Lips)

KMA RNB Song Nominees.jpg

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Post KMA 2011: Kim Bong Hyeon, Jinbo and Deez speak about Taeyang

Music Critic Kim Bong Hyeon’s affectionately labeled Korean R&B “Trinity” all went home with awards at the 8th Korean Music Awards held last February 23. (Deez was awarded “Best R&B/Soul Song” for “Sugar” and Jinbo was awarded “Best R&B Soul Album” for “Afterwork”. Taeyang received the Netizen’s Choice Award for Best Male Vocalist. KBH interviewed both Jinbo and Deez immediately after the awards. Here are excerpts from the interview that mention Taeyang (who was unable to attend since he was busy filming the Big Bang SBS Special at the same time.)

Excerpt from Post-KMA Interview with Jinbo and Deez. (Full interview here at 100beat.)

KBH: That’s true (laughs), but no. I think this was a good result. If just one person got both awards, it would have been a little regrettable. How do you feel about Taeyang?

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[Feature] 8th KMA nominees for R&B/Soul

Since we’ve gotten a few requests to do so, we’d like to highlight all the nominees for the R&B and Soul Category in the run up to the 8th Korean Music Awards on February 23.  It’s one of the strongest R&B line-ups in years and any one of them would be a worthy winner.  Feast your ears on these candidates up for Best Song. (Each of the candidates for best song are also on the list for best album.  And the albums are equally good – I highly recommend R&B lovers check them out when you have the time.)

1.  진보 (Jinbo)  – U R (Album: Afterwork)

The rest of the songs, including our boy, under the cut…
(Updated with the winners )

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Tae Yang @ 6th Korean Music Awards

The 6th Korean Music Awards were held last night where Tae Yang was honored with 2 awards: Best R&B/Soul Album and Best R&B/Soul Song. Nominations and winners for this award were judged and based on musical accomplishment and value, not album sales and popularity.

Although he couldn’t make it to the show, Tae Yang did express his gratitude and appreciation with a video:

Thanks to elaisvip@youtube.

According to my google-translate-journalism, Tae Yang was the only “idol” to win an award at the show.  His album was praised by the judging panel for it’s respect and faith to mainstream American R&B music, also carrying with it sheer honesty in it’s lyrics (I’m assuming) and approach.  Tae Yang was very sad that he couldn’t attend the show because “this award meant a lot to me.”

Seriously, we need a translator.

Best R&B/Soul Album & Song!

This title is self-explanatory, right?

Congratulations to Tae Yang, winner of Korean Music Award’s Best R&B/Soul Album and Song.

Dubbed the “Grammys” of Korea, and up against major and well-established artists, this is such an honor and a proud moment for him.  Tae Yang was scheduled to attend and perform at the ceremony tonight, but due to some budgeting problems, the award show is postponed to March 12th.  Unfortunately, due to prior plans, he won’t be attending.  I’m guessing he’ll be in the US with G-Dragon during this time.

It’s a little sad that the one time Tae Yang gets to celebrate something phenomenal, he can’t.  Well, we’re celebrating for you.

Disclaimer: This again is my google-translate-journalism.

Tae Yang nominated for Korean Music Award

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Once again, Tae Yang has been nominated for several music awards.  This time its the Korean Music Award and for “Best R&B/Soul Song” and “Best R&B/Soul Album.”  Hopefully he will have better luck this time.  The awards are based on netizen votes, music critics, producers, etc. etc.  The award show will be held on February 26th.

Article Translation:

Tae Yang, who released his first solo album last year, was removed from the group Big Bang, and nominated for the Korean Music Awards.

On February 4 at the Seoul Press Center, Korean Music Awards selection committee held the “2009 Korean Music Awards Ceremony Press Conference” and announced a general outline for the upcoming ceremony and a list of nominees by category.

Big Bang was unable to earn nominations in any of the categories, but member Tae Yang received nominations in two categories including the Best R&B/Soul Album (’HOT’) and Best R&B/Soul Song.

The selection committee said that “Tae Yang and Big Bang are musicians who have different kinds of music” and explained that “Tae Yang’s album was rated higher than Big Bang’s album.”

The Korean Music Awards will take place at 7 P.M on February 26 at KonKuk University’s New Millennium Hall. Yoon Do Hyun will host to the ceremony.

A very special thanks to CrystalVIP for the splendid translation. Edited and grammar checked by Tofumon/Tofu.

Nominations List:

Best R&B/Soul Album:

Tae Yang (태양) [Hot]
Serengeti (세렝게티) [Afro Afro]
Wheesung (휘성) [With All My Heart And Soul]
Park Jin Young  or JYP (박진영) [Back To Stage]
MY-Q (마이큐) [This Is For You]

Best R&B/Soul Song:

G-Fla (지플라) – 음악하는 여자
Tae Yang
(태양)- 나만 바라봐 [Look Only At Me]
Serengeti (세렝게티) – Wimbo
Brown Eyes (
브라운아이즈) – 가지마 가지마 [Don’t go , don’t go] (winner at MKMF)

Credits: DCYB

The nominations included mainstream and indie/underground artists, so I guess this award is truly based on music not just popularity and album sales.

*Disclaimer: As you know I have no knowledge of the Korean language so all this ^^ is based on my interpretations of Google’s translation of the articles.  Here’s the original articles : [one] [two] .  It’ll be awesome if someone gets it translated. And thanks to elavip@soompi for the tip.  I’m sure we’ll hear more things by tomorrow.

YBaeby, I’m so proud of you.
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