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SBS Gayo 2009 Taeyang Performances!

[Update] – Awesome pictures~

Taeyang performed:
You & I with Park Bom
Let’s Go Party with 2Ne1 and GD
Look Only at Me
Wedding Dress
Lies (with GD)
Korean Dream (with GD)

Taeyang & Park Bom – YOU & I
> This performance was cute as hell, Taeyang’s voice complimented the song VERY well!~~definately an awesome R&B collaboration between the two…

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January 2010 GQ Korea Interview+SBS Gayo Update

2009 SBS Gayo update –
Performance is on the 29th of December – Taeyang will be perfoming “Wedding Dress“, “Where U At” AND have a Special Performance. GD is also schedule to perform “Korean Dream” – however its not certain whether Taeyang will be performing jointly ~check the schedule to see when you can watch it live.
Holy Shizzles.  *Passing out from a fangirl nosebleed.*

So according to me, this is probably Tae Yang’s hottest, sexiest phootshoot EVER.

Dear GQ Korea,

Thank you.  I  am not worthy.


C: GQ Korea
Source: sol-mate.co.kr

*FYI: The photographer here seems to be a fanboy of Tae Yang as well.  Hong Jang-Hyun is the same photographer to chose YB as his subject for the NIKE’s AW77 HOODIE ON MOMENT exhibition.  And GQ Korea is no doubt fanboys and fangirls.  Tae Yang was GQ’s Man of the Year for 2008 and they ranked his album as one of the best.

Taeyang performs at GD’s “Shine a Light” concert~

WD playing before concert begins
I knew Taeyang was going to perform….but damn- 4 SONGS!?~~ now that’s awesome.

Anyway, I thought I would post up some awesome YB goodness from the concert~~ It’s unfortunate not to get more fancams, however what we have is awesome, because apparently the security was TIGHT at the concert. I mean, checking bags, seurity guards everywhere, cameras being confiscated~ according to my friend Alex over at AA-Chan it was almost impossible to get camera’s in. However, never doubt Kfans…ever. They’re a force to be reckoned with ~lol. 

So we are lucky. 

YB peformed:
Wedding Dress – omg.
Where U At – omfg.
Korean Dream – apparently the choreo for this was MUCH better at the concert
Look Only at Me Remix – !!! 

I’ve got some fancams thanks to lovely people in the chatbox~~

More under the cut~ 

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GD Solo Album – Korean Dream ft. Taeyang

Can you spell A-U-T-O-T-U-N-E?
Cause that’s all you’re gonna hear over here…..

Before I make my comment, have a listen first:


All I can say is someone…PLEASE THROW OUT YG’S Autotune machine! LOL, besides that, this song sounds so similar…to well everything Big Bang has been doing so far. I have to say I’m really disappointed at the song but oh wells, GD fangirls are gonna lap this up like no tomorrow.

My fav line from the song is when GD goes “Taeyang like the shining star” – true that.

*Goes to listen Taeyang’s HOT album for millionth time *

If you’re interested, click under the post to see the rest of the songs off GD’s album, I know there’s some GD fans in here, so this is for you 🙂

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