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Oh Ma Baby, I Should’ve Loved You Less

This post is a shout out to Jquest, who’s been bothering (j/k!) me about the english translation of Tae Yang’s duet with Kim Johan “I Should’ve Loved You Less.”  And alas!  I have found it:

CREDIT: AIShinLove2@youtube

I loved this song and now I love it even more.  The lyrics are beautiful!  It reminds me of Tae Yang’s “Sinner” and “Look Only at Me.”  The lyrics at first come off as very selfish and kind of horrible (” Should have loved you just a little…”), but it stems from deep and honest love.

And on the same channel:

Why?  Because it’s one of my favorite songs from Big Bang and I love Youngbae’s parts, down to the ad-libs.  Enjoy.

Blast from the Past – Featuring Tae Yang

For old-time sake, here’s a blast from the past with all the songs and performances Tae Yang was featured in.  Be prepared; this is a super long post!  Enjoy!

Featured music: imeem playlist

1.  RUN by Se7en ft. G-Dragon and YB Taekwon (Tae Yang)

2.  Give Me Permission by Se7en ft. YB Taekwon

3.  Get Up (Intro) by Lexy ft. Tae Yang

4.  RUSH by Lexy ft. Tae Yang

5.  Super Fly by Lexy ft. Tae Yang, G-Dragon, and TOP

6.  I Should’ve Loved You Less by Kim Johan ft. Tae Yang

7.  Real Talk by YMGA ft. Tae Yang

Featured MV:

A-Yo by JinuSean

The MV that started it all.  It’s such a fun MV to watch.  I just noticed how the Lil’Sean (played by Youngbae) in the MV is very much like the real Youngbae.  Loved music, loved hip-hop and then randomly picked up my Mr. YG.

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