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09.08.14 KBS Ent. News – Taeyang & Daesung have ‘Strongest Idol Vocals’

KBS Entertainment news held a very important meeting regarding idol vocals (~lol) where they discussed…you guessed it….Idol vocals! Taeyang & Daesung were ranked among others as ‘idols possessing strong vocals’. Glad to see both Taeyang & Daesung up there. I think both have different voice qualities that make them strong singers. While Daesung has a great range and depth, Taeyang’s got a unique quality not to mention he can hit those high octave notes. While Daesung has always trained as a singer, it’s Taeyang’s singing ability that always surprised me, considering he was a rapper to begin with…..check it out. Also, ATY wishes Daesung a quick recovery!!

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