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Movement Lifestyle – Adventures with YG. Ent Episode 3

And the story continues…

Episode 3 of the series Movement Lifestyle and Kanauru are doing on ML’s choreography work for YG Family last July. In this episode, Shaun Evaristo is helping Taeyang and his dance crew prep for the July 1 comeback at MNET.

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One of the first artists to ever do Taeyang remakes, our friends over at Kanauru, came out with their much awaited masterpiece in time for the anniversary. Thanks Richard and Qui!

Time flies doesn’t it? It has been exactly one year since Taeyang’s sad song of missed chances first made fangirls cry (and dare I say it, maybe even a fanboy or two?) While the initial reception in Korea was not as warm as hoped, the little song that could has been making its way around the globe winning Taeyang new admirers in some far off places. The song, dance and video have inspired the more dedicated fans from all over to do their own renditions – some heartfelt, some funny, some just plain awesome.

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Inside juice from Kanauru

Our favorite dancing fanboy, Qui and talented director, Richard from Kanauru Productions are literally kicking it with Shaun Evaristo and Taeyang in Seoul right now. I mean KICKING IT…like they’re eating lunch and dinner with the one and only.  They’re documenting their adventure with Taeyang with twitter and Facebook and they’re leaving a whole bunch of enticing bits of information that makes this fangirl can’t help but be all worked up.  Richard tweeted a few hours ago:

What do you think is this “epicness” that is in store?  My first thought: they’re shooting another music video for another song?  Can I freak out and hope that it’s ‘Superstar?’  I love this track and the energy comes with it.  And Shaun a week ago did express how much he liked this song.  Whatever it is, I can’t wait for it to come out.

Thanks Kanauru for the updates especially thanks to Qui who’s been awesome enough to visit ATY once in a while to update us on what’s going on.  Thanks for being so sweet and remembering us!

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