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And Tae Yang to the rescue…

In the midst of all these recent disappointments (referring to Tae Yang’s feature in GD’s album and Brave Brothers), Tae Yang comes and saves the day with “Stay” from Big Bang’s 1st Japanese album.  I was a afraid Big Bang would screw up this song too, but it’s a beautiful song, but it really speaks for itself.


Reasons why I love this song:

  • Tae Yang:  Goodness, his voice in this song is perfection.
  • Daesung:  Always appreciated him, and now even more so.
  • Piano! Piano!
  • Seungri wasn’t too bad either.
  • Very little G-Dragon and TOP.

Now I want a Daesung and Tae Yang collaboration soooo bad.

FYI: If you’re unhappy with Big Bang’s recent music and the overdose on the autotune, this album is not gonna help.  And as you guessed it “Love Club” is pretty funny, but their English isn’t half bad.  “Stay” is really the only one that deems it worth downloading.

Commence with the spazzing.