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Oh the Emotion!+ Debut on Japan’s MezaMashi

Sure we’re a site devoted to Bae but we love our Big Bang fix now and then, especially when they release something new! Big Bang’s been in Japan for a while now promoting themselves and just released their new song “Emotion”…..in case you haven’t listen to it yet:

C: BBSKViCassie @ youtube

So what y’all think? Did you feel the “Emotion”? When I first listened to it, I immediately thought of “Po-po-po-POKER FACE”. Yup Lady Gaga, but further searching has revealed that RedOne (Lady Gaga’s producer) has made this song. Therefore, everything is excused…..NOT. As a producer, I think you need to diversify..did he really think cause it’s international no one would notice? Either way, I’m not feeling too hot about this song but I’m hoping it’ll grow on me.

I think Taeyang sounds VERY good (~lol) and I love Daesung’s voice, it sounds so nice to the ears.

Well if you didn’t enjoy the song, you’ll definately enjoy this. =)

here & here