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BIG ONE Magazine – Taeyang Interview Exerpts

Big BANG was recently (?) featured in Japan’s BIG ONE Magazine. All the members had some pretty interesting things to say but  of course I paid attention to Taeyang’s interview the most (#18 is sure to please T-squared fans 😆 ) ~lol. Click more to see the interview and also some pretty scans =)
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07.27.09 – BB on “Mezamasi Kininaru” + Sneak Peek at “Stay”.

Oh my….Am I actually hearing a ballad-ish type song from Big Bang!? And that too with Mr. Bae doing the main vocals in this clip?! Oh yes, I think I am….

Big Bang had their second (correct me if I’m wrong) public performance in Japan, this time around, a lot more space to accommodate the fans – phew. The boys performed their single “Gara Gara Go” and “My Heaven” but also gave a sneak peak to “Stay” one of the new songs off their album releasing August 19th!

The highlight of this video  – Taeyang singing “Stay” – his vocals sound awesome! (its a small part near the end of the video, but totally worth listening too!)

C: TaeisBeBe

Gara Gara Go on Music Fighter – Japan

I always find it weird how there’s not screaming fangirls on these Japanese music shows ~ lol.
Anyway, here’s another attempt at bringing a much needed dose of  Taeyang. They were recently on Music Fighter, another Japanese show, promoting Gara Gara GO! I really like how energtic Taeyang is throughout the whole performance, he’s got that extra little “spring” in his step….I like, I like…but  I am a bit annoyed at them cutting the performance, TY’s little solo bit was not present – aigoo, and that’s my favorite part!

C: micaaaan

I really hope they succeed over there~

On another note, I noticed Miss. CL wearing something familiar on 2NE1’s latest performance on Music Bank….
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Big Bang rocks the night on Music Station!

We’re all more than a little bit YB and BB deprived these days, so I was glad to see their performance on Music Station, not to mention the lovely close-ups of our Taeyang (I like this camera man~). They did a pretty good job, Dae voice sounded shaky at the beginning, and Seungri wasn’t coming up “strong” for me, Bae saves the day by his impeccable vocals (or maybe I just always hear perfection when he sings ~lol)..as usual TOP is doing a lot of screaming and “BIG BAM” -ing and G-Dragon…well, he keeps reminding me of the dragon from Mulan “Mushu” – lol…

C: syabon5664

Anyone else think Bae is looking skinnier these days? I don’t see the bulky arms anymore, they’re quite skinny or maybe its what he wearing…..I want his Bae-licious body back!!

Btw, thanks to everyone who is voting on the Big Bang diromo for us! We’ve jumped up 5 spots in the last couple of days…remember, you can vote once a day! ——————>

[Interview Excerpts] The Mainichi Daily: July 8, 2009

I’ve been away for a few days and there’s obviously some catching up to do, including watching YGE’s new cable show, reading some yawn-inducing interviews, and buying Big Bang’s latest Japanese single, which I like btw. So, I found this rather cute interview and translated only the YB parts (meaning the parts where our boy says anything or is mentioned of course):


The five of them have been living together in Tokyo since June for their activities in Japan. SOL says, “It feels like we are doing what we would’ve done over a year if we’d been in Korea in just one month. If we had been cell phones, we would’ve run out of batteries by now.” Despite his complaints about their demanding schedules, he reveals how they support one another like a family, saying, “I’m like the mom, GD is the dad, D-Lite is a relative, TOP is the baby and VI is a puppy that runs away often and won’t come home when called.”

When asked to introduce one another, D-Lite says, “The cute one is TOP, who’s like a baby.” GD has the most flattering things to say about SOL: “The hot one is SOL. His dance and he himself is hotness.” SOL calls VI “The careless one.” He adds, “Unexpected things happen when you’re with him. I don’t know what it is – maybe he’s not very lucky.” GD says, “The funny one is D-Lite. He wasn’t that funny before but he’s changed since he started going on that variety show.”

[Translations by pgeorgie]
[Korean text provided by 밸리@DCTopGallery; 큰엄마@VIPZ]

[Big Bang] Out of Music Magazine Interview – Japan

Since theTaeyang news is a little slow these days, thought I would put up the translations for this amusing article featuring Big Bang in the Japanese Magazine “Out of Music”. The boys talk about their views on each other, their Japanese singles and some other fun stuff….Enjoy!

First time meeting you. Bigbang finally debuting in Japan’s mainstream music field, could you please introduce yourself? Starting with SOL, what does your name ‘SOL’ mean, that you are using during your Japanese activities?

SOL: I’m SOL; I’m a vocal. My Korean stage name is Taeyang which means “Sun”. In Spanish, the word “SOL” means “SUN”.

D-LITE: I’m D-LITE. This name means ‘always bright’.

T.O.P: I’m TOP; I’m a rapper. This is the name that Se7en who’s a senior in our company, made for me. The name “T.O.P.” can also mean ‘the peak, the top”; there are many ways you can define this name and I brought the initials.

V.I: I’m a vocal. In Korea my stage name in ‘Seungri’ which means ‘Victory’. So Victory- V.I.

G-DRAGON: I’m the leader who’s in charge of song writing also. My Korean name’s Jiyong, ‘Yong’ means ‘dragon’. That’s why it’s G-Dragon.

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“Taeyang is the Mommy” – GD

Big Bang was recently on Countdown Japan Radio promoting their new single and were asked by a fan who played the roles in their apartment. Apparently, GD plays the “Daddy” and Taeyang the “Mommy” – Awwww how cute. Taeyang also speaks about Micheal Jackson and his influence.
Check it out (its with English subs)


[Excerpts] Nikkan Sports, Japan: June 11, 2009

One of my pet peeves is that YB’s two KMA wins are not mentioned in the Korean media as often as they should. I don’t know why and YG Entertainment doesn’t seem to have any objections either, judging by the fact that their official website also soundly ignores them. Naturally I was rather pleased to find that they were recently mentioned in a Japanese newspaper. My Japanese skills are rudimentary but I wanted to share it with you, so here it is:


– Name: Don, YonBe
– Born on May 18, 1988
– Vocalist
– Earned wide recognition for his solo activities; won the Best R&B/Soul Album and Song awards; the kiss he did with an actress during the shooting of the music video for his solo song, “My Girl” was his first; because of his six pack abs, he is often called a man with the best-looking body; has been studying Japanese for 8 years.
– A fan of Utada Hikaru
– Height: 174 cm; weight: 56 kg; blood type: B

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