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[IC Unbroadcasted Clip] Taeyang x Zion T x Im Jun He on “I Need A Girl”

Infinity Challenge has some extra goodies for us as we wait for the official concert broadcast on August 22 –  a short unbroadcasted clip of Taeyang, Zion T and Band Hyukoh’s Im Jun He jamming to a bit of TY’s “I Need A Girl.”

Update: YT upload below the cut for those who can’t access the other video. Note sound mix is a bit better on the Facebook upload.

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Taeyang at Simply K-pop (Shanghai 140322)

Taeyang’s been spending the past few months on Bigbang activities, notably Bigbang’s Japan Dome Tour and a series of fanmeetings in Japan, China and Southeast Asia. (Check out past coverage of these events on allthingstaeyang.)  Solo-wise, he’s pretty much been performing the same set at all the events as he has since November last year, namely: Look Only At Me, I Need A Girl and Ringa Linga (and sometimes Superstar.) His March 22 set at the Simply K-pop festival in Shanghai was no different. The broadcast version of his performances from Arirang TV:

More after the cut

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Subbed “Making Of” Taeyang MVs from the Solar International DVD

The great team over at bbvipchannel have subbed the behind the scenes videos of the filming of Taeyang’s MVs which were included in the DVD of Solar International.

Check out their post here which includes streaming video and download links for Ma Girl, Look Only At Me, Prayer, I Need A Girl, Where U At and I’ll Be There.

What a great present on Taeyang’s birthday! Thank you bbvipchannel!

Jinbo reinterprets Taeyang’s “I Need A Girl” on KRNB

R&B artist Jinbo has been releasing reinterpretations of popular kpop hits for his upcoming mixtape “KRNB” one by one. The latest  is his version of Taeyang’s I Need A Girl, more directly named “I Need You Girl

Check out the other songs Damn (based on SNSD’s “Gee”)  and Love Game (based on BoA’s “Game”.) KRNB will be released for free on August 29. (Update: Get it for free here at http://jinbothesuperfreak.bandcamp.com/)

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MAMA 2010: Fancams + Fan Account!

As you guys all know Taeyang did an epic performance on MAMA on Sunday Nov. 28th.  We already posted the broadcast version of his performance but since that night all the lucky fans who got to be there have been uploading fancam after fancam and even a few fanaccounts. Here is the night from those who were there.


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[Interview] Taeyang; GQ Man of the Year


Relaxing after the photo shoot.  Having removed the luxurious fur coat, Taeyang saunters over to us.  The editor and the photographer are in the midst of talking about a delivery crisis that occurred due to traffic backed up by a state function on November 11th.  The bonsai pine tree that was to be used for the shoot almost didn’t make it in time.  After listening quietly, Taeyang murmurs, “Why do they make such a fuss…” Having never been one for acting up or posturing – in a Korean mainstream music scene where, nowadays, it’s hard to even distinguish Idol from Ah-ee-deul [children] – Taeyang is stubbornly walking a different path.  Rather than insisting on a certain concept, he has the belief that he’s doing what he wants.  Rather than mindlessly complaining about the state of the music scene, he shows the determination to triumph over its weaknesses.  Rather than flaunting insistently, he has the maturity as a singer to sometimes just keep quiet.

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