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Can you believe it? It’s been 3 years since Taeyang’s first solo concert way back in July 20 2008 (the one that brought the infamous hump gif). The HOT minialbum came out in May 2008 and to end his successful run with a bang Taeyang held the HOT solo concert. Less than a year ago he had his second solo concert for SOLAR (which was amazing)! To celebrate, let’s take a look back at one of my favorite performances.


100Beat – HOT: Among the 100 best albums of the decade

Soribada and 100beat recently collaborated on a list of the best music from 2000 – 2009 and since October have been doing a daily countdown of the 100 best Korean and International albums during this period. 39 critics took part in the survey (including Kim Bonghyun and Cha Woojin who have written previously about Taeyang’s Solar album.) Taeyang’s debut EP HOT made it on the list at #79, ranked alongside Common’s Like Water for Chocolate among the international albums.

100 Best Albums of the 2000’s
Korean: 79th. Taeyang [HOT] (2008)

It was somewhat unexpected that the first solo entrant of Big Bang is Taeyang. Compared with G-dragon or T.O.P, who openly show their individual impressions and dynamic energy, Taeyang has had a relatively docile image. But the moment [HOT] was released, we could recognize his long patience and step by step preparations. He looked like he had been preparing everything to be an entertainer – not only the album, but also embracing songs that are not easy, perfecting his performance, and developing a muscular visual.
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How to Watch Tae Yang’s Concert DVD.

Off of Bangs, an obvious gimmick to maintain fangirls, but Im loving it.
Off of "Bangs," an obvious gimmick to maintain fangirls, but I'm loving it. CREDIT: BBFansite

The title of this post is a little insulting, no?  But, I’m not assuming that you’re all knuckleheads.  This is a boring and dry post, but if you’re having trouble watching Tae Yang’s concert DVD or is concerned about it before buying, hopefully this might be worth your time.

This is just instructions on how to breech Tae Yang’s Concert DVD Region 3 restrictions.  The DVD probably won’t work unless you have a all-region DVD player.  I suggest watching the DVD via a desktop or laptop.  I’m a PC, so the instructions will work best for PCs, but probably will be the same for MACs, I’m not sure.

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