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July 20th: ‘HOT’ Concert 1st Anniversary

Summer is the season for nostalgia since it was only one year ago Tae Yang debuted with his first solo album and concert.  A year ago, Tae Yang held his first solo concerts at the Melon AX for 4,000 lucky fans.  Tickets went for 44,000 ₩ but were sold out in merely 10 minutes causing some black market tickets to go up to a price of 400,000 ₩.  An incredible 10-fold of the original price.

Two concerts were held that night: one for minors and one catering to Tae Yang’s significant large number of older fans.  Special guests were Big Bang, Uhm Jung Hwa, and Mighty Mouth.  Kush rocked the stage with him for the performance of “Make Love.”  Shaun Evaristo, Tae Yang’s principle choreographer, and Aimee Lee Lucus flew in especially to perform for this concert.  But it was obvious the star of the night was Tae Yang.  It was his opportunity to show the world what he was made of and we loved it.  Besides his usual powerful, “hot” performances with intricate choreography, Tae Yang wow-ed us with his more sensible, soulful side and stunning vocals with unplugged and piano numbers.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and refresh ourselves: (I especially love the ending…)

C: intothesol@youtube

WATCH CONCERT DVD via YouTube (playlist)

If you haven’t done so, download:
HQ Audio of ‘HOT’ Concert courtesy of DSOUND@DCYB and Video of “Ma Girl” Performance courtesy of yours truly.

Which was your most memorable/favorite performance of the  night?

HQ Audio of “HOT” Concert

As promised, here are high quality audio recordings of Tae Yang’s “HOT” concert.  Think of it as the unofficial live concert album.


♦You need WinRAR to unzip the files.
♦If re-distributing, please credit DSOUND@DCYB.  It’s not necessary to credit me since I just re-uploaded the files, unless you want to.
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I’m “HOT” for you Pt. 2

So, ya’ll voted for the clip the you wanted to see from Tae Yang’s “HOT” Concert DVD and I’ve kept my promise.  There was a tie between “My Girl” and “Make Love.”  I had a  hard time deciding which one to upload,  so I finally came up with the brilliant idea of uploading one onto Dailymotion for ya’ll to stream and one to download.   Since “My Girl” was leading the entire time, that performance will be for download.  But before we start downloading, here are certain things to keep in mind:

+Like sweetsorrow, I’m making this a Always Tae Yang Exclusive. Please do not redistribute.  Link here.
+This is for personal watching.  Please do not re-upload. If you must, since I can’t really do anything to you, please at least credit. (tofu&alwaystaeyang.wordpress)
+My only intention is to promote Tae Yang’s Concert DVD.  I hope the clip will encourage you to buy it.  Yesasia. DVDHeaven.

Make Love ft. Kush

My Girl at “HOT” Concert [.wmv file, 119 MB, HQ]
Credits: YG Entertainment & tofu@alwaystaeyang.wordpress

*Download has been also added to the Goodies section*

I’m “HOT” for you.

So I have this gut feeling that my “HOT” Concert DVD will be arriving tomorrow or at least very soon.  It’s always been my intention to upload one of the performances for ya’ll since I understand some of us aren’t willing to or just can’t spend $50 for the package.  I didn’t watch the clips uploaded on youtube (apparently they’re deleted anyways) so I just wanted to know which part of the concert ya’ll wanted to see.  I’m not making any promises right now because I don’t know how I’ll do it.  And in light of exams all next week, I don’t know when I’ll be able to upload either.  But for now, vote for your choice, and I’ll try to deliver. Continue reading I’m “HOT” for you.